The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 656

19-Fev, 2021
157 723 Ko‘rishlar soni

The guys talk diet, getting back to the gym a Zoo Culture, date night with the crew, white Mike, an old man leaving millions to his dog, Tim Tebow retiring from baseball, Facebook's ban in Australia, Ted Cruz leaving Texas for Cancun and much more!
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  • Zombie accompalice 😂😂1:19:30

  • You suck at comedy

    jose lemusjose lemus11 kun oldin
  • People are mad at Asians for starting covid so they decide to go put their hands on them and break into their houses, hmmm

    xwr3ksh0pxxwr3ksh0pxOy oldin
  • 33:02 34:44

    G nezG nezOy oldin
  • RIP that gym cause these guys put them out like this.

    Ask QuestionsAsk QuestionsOy oldin
  • “You know how hard it is to get shredded and Asian” DAMN yeah gettin shredded is super hard but to get Asian. Wow dude can’t imagine.

    Rob1EscoRob1EscoOy oldin
  • Definitely dont mention it was a black guy that asssuleted the asian person

    360 hammar360 hammarOy oldin
  • I’m only here for the intro ngl😭

    SoEMPTYSoEMPTYOy oldin
  • Ive only watched 2 episodes with callen. Now my youtube thinks i like TFAK"Z" .....Callen or no views for you..

    S RS ROy oldin
  • What are you doing get bradley martin on asap!!!!

    Seth HarrisSeth HarrisOy oldin
  • The line from White Man Can't Jump you guys quote is wrong. He never say's " I know what I'm gonna do" He says "Both you muahfukkas are crazy, I'm going to my car, get my other gun , shoot everybody's ass!" Or am I wrong??? Pretty sure you guys are misquoting that line :/

    Andrew PishgarAndrew PishgarOy oldin

    Andrew PishgarAndrew PishgarOy oldin
  • How's brendan never heard of snowfall but it's an ad before the show lol

    andrew harwellandrew harwellOy oldin
  • Circle would’ve better!!

    Tyler CarrTyler CarrOy oldin
  • Gave it a shot after callen ep... Not for me.

    amanj aliamanj aliOy oldin
  • Chopper means a gun in rap terms...can't believe they dont know that

    BrodyRichard263BrodyRichard263Oy oldin
  • Brendan's ignorant ass has NO business making fun or anyone for pronouncing words wrong

    BrodyRichard263BrodyRichard263Oy oldin
  • Shapel is Whitttttte

    Ashar DeadpoolAshar DeadpoolOy oldin
  • "I love neck tattoos... I would never get one..." 🤣😂🤣

    Cee MoleculeCee MoleculeOy oldin
  • I think alot of sissies get tattooed with Xannies

    Cee MoleculeCee MoleculeOy oldin
  • Holy shit this show is so lame now ...bring back kid! The real kid ...not these children! Laaaaaame a.f.

    no running networkno running networkOy oldin
  • Best news I heard all week was callen would be returning. The vibe with him and all the “youngins” was great. Having the boomer interjecting his opinion was a great contrast to the energy Malik and Shappel bring. I loved it. Even if it’s just once a week. Can’t wait to have “The Kid” back.

    MykolMykolOy oldin
  • Malik is honestly the best one on here...

    Rebbeca LingRebbeca LingOy oldin
  • Oh callens gone i see. Smell ya later!

    bob dylanbob dylanOy oldin
  • No kid? Thunbs down for me.

    John BirdsallJohn BirdsallOy oldin
  • Anyone know the app or test name for hormones ect that Brendan was telling chin about??

    RAFF GRAFF GOy oldin
  • way better with callen. RIP to the kid

    matt morrisonmatt morrisonOy oldin
  • Great episode!!

    Martha MurdochMartha MurdochOy oldin
  • Mike Dolce is not More Plates More Dates..that dude's name is Derek...

    Michael SteinkoglerMichael SteinkoglerOy oldin
  • Let's go the Tim Tebow homerun clip from my hometown when he played here

    Will BurkholderWill BurkholderOy oldin

    Ken BillingsleyKen BillingsleyOy oldin
  • Go out with his chopper like kobe jeans the only way he's going out is shooting or dying a legend. It's a double entendre

  • I work in jewelry and people used to handcuff suitcases to them to go into stores to collect. They stopped because cartel and gang members would cut the hand off and take it. Jewelry thieves are wild

  • So weird that maliks commercial wasn't on the "super ball"...

    Cody HicksCody HicksOy oldin
  • Why did Shapel get a "Pound My Ass" tattoo?

    ROWDYtheCATROWDYtheCATOy oldin
    • Shapel is Whitttttte

      Ashar DeadpoolAshar DeadpoolOy oldin
  • no callen? pass

    ComboComboOy oldin
  • Brendan don’t be a pussy and get a tattoo taking Xanax. You know what they say if you can’t handle the pain don’t get tattooed

    Cole EllisCole EllisOy oldin
  • Pool or Billiards? Isn't it the same thing?

    Shrimp DaddyShrimp DaddyOy oldin
  • I would guess that most women do not think the pics of Mike Dolche are sexy...and I hope most men agree. It's like seeing a plastic surgery addiction.

    Mona McCuneMona McCuneOy oldin
  • where's bryan?

    michael kennedymichael kennedyOy oldin
  • Very beginning of the show. Chin is basically saying he's gonna buy fake shoes. The guys are saying go for it.

    tgo007tgo007Oy oldin
  • Malik's shoes look baggy lmao. His shoes need a belt lol.

    Michael ConnerMichael ConnerOy oldin
  • FYI guys, at 1:34:46, Brendan announced said Wrinks is "gonna be back on- we're making that a regular thing". Brendan wanted him back "every week" but he said he was busy with his own podcasts so they're "going to figure it out". While we all want the Big Gay Owl back full-time, I think I speak for the majority of fans when I say that this is still awesome fucking news!

    Bryan DayBryan DayOy oldin
  • They talk over each other too much.

    mark osbergmark osbergOy oldin
  • Brenda shitting on Shapel for wanting to know his ancestry was toughhhh

    Tucker LehmanTucker LehmanOy oldin
  • Failed fighter and the old dead lookin dude

    DukeOfTennessee117DukeOfTennessee117Oy oldin
  • The wtaps tho

    Brandon CayaBrandon CayaOy oldin
  • It gets so old hearing Schaub lie and talk out of his ass for an hour plus, shapel and Malik yes-man'ing Schaub and laughing hysterically at every unfunny things he says, constantly disagree and literally *hate* on and argue with Malik about every little thing like his freshman jock brain entices him to do. Callen needs to come back, because Schaub has been killing this podcast for years.

    gri22ly100gri22ly100Oy oldin
  • I think the idea behind that New Zealand tattoo more likely is something to the nature of "always having at least 1 foot on/in NZ".

    Bryan DayBryan DayOy oldin
  • Brenda is such a jealous kid , the guys hating on malik for his commercial role talking about having one line. When he had 0 lines in the Tax Collector and 0 screen time. No one even knew he was in it until he said so 😂

    TruthermanTruthermanOy oldin
    • @gri22ly100 haha you got it spot on mate 😂 would love to see malik get big and watch brendumb burn in his envious rage. Malik and Shapel if you're seeing this start your own podcast without this hating bum!

      TruthermanTruthermanOy oldin
    • He has such a low IQ high-school jock like intelect, he always picks someone out of the group to pick on, hate on, and disagree with everything they say. Because he legitimately thinks its remotely funny and cool because the crew that he pays is afraid to not laugh hysterically at everything he says and be his yes-man. He kills the comedy vibe big time😂

      gri22ly100gri22ly100Oy oldin
  • White and Clear !!!!!!!!!!

    matthew ambrosematthew ambroseOy oldin
  • How come nobody stops Brendan from constantly lying? Like this is why everyone doesn't like the guy. He's constantly shitting on people such an insecure man..

    swish831swish831Oy oldin
  • Seeing Calen back got me into watching the podcast again, hope "the big gay howl" comes back more often

    Tony_JrTony_JrOy oldin
  • Why do they keep going on about this white mike guy? Do they not know that we have no idea who he is and don't care ?

    HammertimezHammertimezOy oldin
  • Miss Callen, haven't watched an episode since his last one and the recent one was cool ! Cannot watch it without him for some reason

    Naft3chNaft3chOy oldin
    • @gri22ly100 I like Brendan but the duo is just hilarious

      Naft3chNaft3chOy oldin
    • Because brendan is insufferable 😂

      gri22ly100gri22ly100Oy oldin
  • Cut from the same cloth good dude, know like me

    bris bromerobris bromeroOy oldin
  • OK you two can do the show with me as long as you laugh hysterically at everything I say.

    Andrew ThompsonAndrew ThompsonOy oldin
  • How many strokes are the teenagers gonna have Brendan didn’t know who Kyle from Nelk is

    Andrew HarrisAndrew HarrisOy oldin
  • -Shapel going to be in Austin? Do i smell a JRE episode coming?

    13rcampbell13rcampbellOy oldin
  • This episode was great

    MaxTaylorHaydenMaxTaylorHaydenOy oldin
  • Haha Brenda is low key washed on that kratom on this one

    Fun On Vancouver IslandFun On Vancouver IslandOy oldin
  • Cat definitely wants Malik’s sausage lmao Come on Cat, are you tryna fuck up Malik’s six figure queen situation 😂

    Uriel EspinozaUriel EspinozaOy oldin
  • A "chopper" aka "chopstick" is slang for Assault Rifle. It's a simile, chopper(AR), chopper(helicopter). Its called rap people.

    Willie Lee Henderson lllWillie Lee Henderson lllOy oldin
    • What

      gri22ly100gri22ly100Oy oldin
  • Words be having malik against the ropes lol

    FabcassoFabcassoOy oldin
  • If the " sponsors " had a brain they'd take notice to the views before Bryan's removal (300-500k) to post Bryan (100-150k) to Bryan's appearance (400k+) and then since (back to 100-150k) ....GREAT BUSINESS DECISION !!!

    Big_KahunaBig_KahunaOy oldin

    Jennifer BurchiJennifer BurchiOy oldin
  • It’s funny to see that sponsors don’t care about reaching more people for their product but would prefer to please people that don’t actually give a shit about what they’re selling #bringbackcallen

    KingEldadoKingEldadoOy oldin
  • Malik third wheeling the Brendan+Shapel bromance

    Callum EmmersonCallum EmmersonOy oldin
  • 8:00 “He is the camera guy for Addison Rae”

    Mark ChristensonMark ChristensonOy oldin
  • Kat von d!! Bitch please!!

    Tyler CarrTyler CarrOy oldin
  • Brian needs to be on atleast once a month

    Jake BlairJake BlairOy oldin
  • " i did my 23 & me ...I'm 50% English, mama born and raised there" lol wow what an idiot.

    Robel AmareRobel AmareOy oldin
  • I havnt been following since callen and then finally when Josh Wolfe left. So what in the fuck has happened to KAT? I Mean is she for real now sleeping with a male pornstar? Makes me sad honestly. Seems like she was so honest and innocent at the start of this podcast. Now....she as only fans and is literally dating a pornstar. Her family must be so proud. Lose the dad of the podcast....lose your entire lifestyle I guess. Callen needs to come back. For many reasons.

    •allstopblue ••allstopblue •Oy oldin
  • i don't think that anyone on this panel, other than "Chinny chin-chin" - [Andrew Santino], knows who Danny Elfman is.

    TheMrNefariousTheMrNefariousOy oldin
  • YER BOI!!!! Bryan is back as a regular!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Lewis RichesLewis RichesOy oldin
  • “Map quested it” Wtf?😂

    Chaw DawggChaw DawggOy oldin
  • Yo if Malik & Shapel wanna find out exactly what tribe their genes come from there is an African Ancestry test that they can do. It’s for us black Americans who honestly have no idea where our ancestors come from and it actually breaks down exactly what country and tribe of people in africa their ancestors are from. A regular test doesn’t work well for us because we obviously know we derive from Africa.

    Dotson GrayDotson GrayOy oldin
  • I don’t know if it’s because I’m a hardcore fan of rap but that intro is fucking terrible. ALSO, super funny that he called the leader of nelk boys the guy holding the camera for some IG model 😂. Probably plowing said IG mode.

    Brandon SBrandon SOy oldin
  • Where callen???

    Beau PerryBeau PerryOy oldin
  • Brandon was judgmental asf when talking about Shane!🤦🏾‍♂️he says in his first video never even got in trouble.

    itachi Uchihaitachi UchihaOy oldin
  • Brendan looks like a South American freedom fighter... Fighting the urge on whether he should come out of the closet or just come IN the closet... 'Gay' Guevara

    DERETRO v.1DERETRO v.1Oy oldin
  • I drank while getting tattooed after hours at a shop in Denver 😂

    Fernando SalazarFernando SalazarOy oldin
  • Brendan looked thrilled about Maliks commercial 😂

    Lefty BronsonLefty BronsonOy oldin
  • 22:42 Shayne randomly being brought up and making my freaking day! He’s awesome. Love me some Shaydozer. 💚💚💚💚💚

    Anna JAnna JOy oldin
  • I have been following Bradly Martin for years and I’m from Houston 😂😂 him and Dom Mazzeti. Check out their channels

    Fernando SalazarFernando SalazarOy oldin
  • shoutout to Bradley Martin

    stopdamadnessstopdamadnessOy oldin
  • Silence of the lambs is sssss'overrated.

    living among nerdsliving among nerdsOy oldin
  • Damn... tried to give this a chance. Noooope... still shit without callen. So unbelievably boring.

    Brad ThomBrad ThomOy oldin
  • Love how Schaub just calls any neck or face tattoo a prison tattoo

    Austin HowellAustin HowellOy oldin
  • Who else is here just cuz Wrinks visited the other day? #RestInPsoriasis

    ludachris830ludachris830Oy oldin
  • -"Yeah bitch, I gotta fight this monster tomorrow in my underwear." LMFAO

    13rcampbell13rcampbellOy oldin
  • 1:16:45 put on .25 speed You’re welcome

    EndoscopicEndoscopicOy oldin
  • Bring back Bryan you coward

    ObeyRoastManObeyRoastManOy oldin
  • Get Bradley on the podcast🔥🔥🔥

    King LuiKing LuiOy oldin
  • Schaub went full Ned on the Jo Koy age joke from K&S. Cmon dog lol

    Palm Oil PleasePalm Oil PleaseOy oldin

    Brian FernandezBrian FernandezOy oldin
  • Koreans do have big heads 😆 Look at mine

    George CoutermarshGeorge CoutermarshOy oldin
  • Anyone know what service Brendan was talkin about with the finger prick and they tell ya all about testosterone and what not?? Mail it in and the app and shit

    Woodrick2123Woodrick2123Oy oldin
  • “People that don’t know cars get Lambos” the car discussions just get dumber and dumber each podcast. Coming from a dude that calls ‘wheels’ ‘rims’ and wouldn’t be able to point out an EGR valve if his child’s life depended on it. There are rich people that get cars and then there are car people that get rich. Nobody on this podcast associates with the latter

    Bert RoganBert RoganOy oldin
  • Hey Cat, always shut up about tattoos. You need to lose 30-40 McDonald's lbs before you can be taken seriously.

    Eric ChristianEric ChristianOy oldin