The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 670

2-Apr, 2021
135 898 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • as someone from LA , nick cannon aint killing it , lol it was better when he was gone cannon so corny , its still 92.3 FM big Boy

    6 God6 God4 kun oldin
  • Please god, show them the Jonah Falcon documentary. That's a hog.

    Andreas WallinAndreas Wallin6 kun oldin
  • Malik said shapel look like rex from toy story. Now i cant unsee it.

    D. boyD. boy6 kun oldin
  • Schaub doesnt realize the reason why it bends in the middle is cus they had surgery to gain a couple inches. Have the cord cut and u gain more but then it doesnt work right since the muscle was cut.

    EdzEdz7 kun oldin
  • Brendan is a complete tool now

    BrodyRichard263BrodyRichard2637 kun oldin
  • We can all be thankful that Rapaport wasn't on the show 🙏 those episodes get skipped completely

    Heath SmithHeath Smith7 kun oldin
  • Brendan " Kanye has 6 million dollars." ..." Spotify is worth 200 billion dollars." inaccurate bro facts lol Kanye has 6 billion + and Spotify is worth 24 billion. COME ON MANNN!?!

    Andrew PishgarAndrew Pishgar7 kun oldin
  • Brendan thinking DuckDuckGo gives u fakes news results makes me sad

    Smash8rosSmash8ros7 kun oldin
  • Who was she at the end ?? In the shoe show??

    prakant88prakant887 kun oldin
  • Shapel only laughs like that at Brendan LOL at 10:30 I never hear him react like that to anyone else and it's hilarious and infectious lol

    Andrew PishgarAndrew Pishgar7 kun oldin
  • Y’all changed 😒 I sure hope it don’t bleed through to KATS. This shit is SO weak... Only time I watch is when Jo Koy is on roastin all you fools.

    coastradamouscoastradamous8 kun oldin
  • “She was also in the military”... “oh that’s why she so tall”... “whit?!”

    St4yDownSt4yDown8 kun oldin
  • This has become a chick show. All about weight loss that they aren't losing.

    Michael CasperMichael Casper9 kun oldin
    • I don’t get it, his brand literally IS BEIING FAT - THICCC BOI, with the 3 C’s, and he is currently on 17 different diets and has a professional UFC weight cutting COACH WHO WORKS FOR PROFESIONAL UFC FIGHTERS... Yet he is gainin 4 pounds every week. Batshit crazy stuff :s

      Saúl ÁlvarezSaúl Álvarez8 kun oldin
  • Shapel should check out menlo club for the stretchy jeans.

    Eduardo BernalEduardo Bernal9 kun oldin
  • Brendan and Shapel look exactly the same.

    Manny GallegosManny Gallegos9 kun oldin
  • It’s slightly irritating how out of touch with the world shapel is

    Braden KoiBraden Koi9 kun oldin
    • You only noticed it now? Dude litteraly hasn’t read a newspaper in his life or watched the news eeeeever. The other one isn’t any better. He be thinking 40 minutes about a transgender in the WNBA. He believes he’s the first ever who tought about it. This was litteraly SOOOO MANY TIMES AN ISSUE. Even in the olympics. FFS WHERE DID BRENDAN FIND THESE GUYS, in some dungeon where they been locked up for 30 years?

      Saúl ÁlvarezSaúl Álvarez8 kun oldin
  • 45:00 bruh😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    Mike NishMike Nish9 kun oldin
    • Dude bukake bit is fkin killin me😹😹😹

      Mike NishMike Nish9 kun oldin
  • This show used to be good. Sad I hope callen still gets some revenue from it, I mean shit he built it.

    LandonLandon9 kun oldin
  • Get Shapel that Bebop and Rocksteady mohawk.

    charles pricecharles price9 kun oldin
  • 55:15 (Brendan Schaub FACEPALM MOMENT) saying that's not a MEGA fight .

    Rocky305MSRocky305MS9 kun oldin
  • I cant beleive no one laughed at DEWANNA BONNER!

    Matthew RequejoMatthew Requejo9 kun oldin
  • Leave my man Shapell alone 🤣 he's out here living his best life always positive. He is a solid 5 but still tell em he a 6 🤣

    rj jordanrj jordan9 kun oldin
  • “What’s girls name from iCarly, Casey Anthony?” 🤣🤣🤣 Shapel

    Michael DunawayMichael Dunaway9 kun oldin
  • 1:12:15 a quick google search told me Kanye is not the richest african american at 6 million, apparently the estimated net worth of the richest african american is Robert F Smith worth 6 billion.

    JuliussmoothieJuliussmoothie9 kun oldin
  • Unwatchable

    DaBlankstaDaBlanksta9 kun oldin
  • "whats her name? Casey Anthony"

    Josh WhiteJosh White9 kun oldin
  • PAC Sun killen it at WCM STL !!!

    Tony KnTony Kn9 kun oldin
  • Lol thank you Brendon lol I thought it was just me thinking chrala going extra hard on whites lol

    One DumbPollockOne DumbPollock9 kun oldin
  • Brendan legitimately wore horned rimmed glasses for like a year. Where are those glasses now that he needed a year ago to see lol?

    IwatchyoutubeIwatchyoutube9 kun oldin
  • Mohawk or dreads Shapel. Give it time. Don't shave it like yet.

    Hi GulaHi Gula9 kun oldin
  • Shapel needs to go Man Ape hairstyle from Black Panther

    Joshua DoddJoshua Dodd9 kun oldin

    NPC #1081288870NPC #10812888709 kun oldin
  • This is about the dumbest group of podcasters .

    CraftyMutantsCraftyMutants9 kun oldin
    • You spelled PEOPLE wrong

      Saúl ÁlvarezSaúl Álvarez8 kun oldin
  • Btw I’m a big Kanye fan and all of that but u were wrong about him being the richest African American lol

    Chris NusanChris Nusan9 kun oldin
  • Shapel level of innocence is amazing

    Chris NusanChris Nusan9 kun oldin
  • Here helping the algorithm! Gang gang

    jo ooojo ooo9 kun oldin
  • Joanna dying her hair for Drake.

    The LEGO LemonThe LEGO Lemon10 kun oldin
  • it was Brendan who said girls fast pitch softball is like 25mph and now trying to blame it on Shapel lmao 😆

    gorilla·ganjagorilla·ganja10 kun oldin
  • Good dude didn’t spoil it

    Martin Carbine_Man4Martin Carbine_Man410 kun oldin
  • Malik, those are Space Jams not Jubilee’s you idiot. Love ya.

    Chris PaganChris Pagan10 kun oldin

    Brian ABrian A10 kun oldin
  • This was a good one

    Martin Carbine_Man4Martin Carbine_Man410 kun oldin
  • I love the pod but the fact that three comics let the name "DeWanna Bonner" go by without a single joke is an absolute travesty! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    Chizobam OkekeChizobam Okeke10 kun oldin
  • He said Rex from Toy Story 😂😂

    Clint SpaethClint Spaeth10 kun oldin
  • Watching brendon read the sponsors is hard

    Martin WilliamsMartin Williams10 kun oldin
  • Shapel’s laugh is contagious

    Connor McAllisterConnor McAllister10 kun oldin
  • I can see Shapel rocking some FTP, FUCT, BABYLONLA, their more simple print shirts.

    Brotherw0lfBrotherw0lf10 kun oldin
  • Brendan, as much as I hate waking up early, i'd go work out with you at Zoo Culture before filming every time.

    SandpaperSandpaper10 kun oldin
  • Shaq is barely 7’

    Daniel CDaniel C10 kun oldin
  • Where they hiding Cristina not Gina at? First team all 🔥🔥

    JTJT10 kun oldin
  • Shapel: "like anderson silva and matt wineman" Brendan: "yeah matt won that fight" LOL

    DG priDG pri10 kun oldin
    • Right!

      Heath SmithHeath Smith7 kun oldin
  • Chin got mad as hell when Shapel asked what Bukkake was lmao he sounded offended 😭 😭

    Michael BoucherMichael Boucher10 kun oldin
  • the most emotion we have EVER got from Chin is him being mad Shap didn’t know what bukkake means 😂

    Megan WeberMegan Weber10 kun oldin
    • For real

      Gfresh1620Gfresh16207 kun oldin
    • 😂

      Earl REarl R9 kun oldin
    • Bruhh 😂😂

      Allen NiesinovAllen Niesinov10 kun oldin
  • Still haven’t watched an episode since you bent to the woketards and kicked Brian off his own show. Well I did watch the one episode he was back for

    Jkrogs18Jkrogs1810 kun oldin
    • @Ryan Johnston it’s called voicing an opinion

      Jkrogs18Jkrogs1810 kun oldin
    • Then why are you commenting here ?

      Ryan JohnstonRyan Johnston10 kun oldin
  • Brian now has his own podcast and he’s still not back on this one? Are you just trying to lose as many viewers as possible?

    Jkrogs18Jkrogs1810 kun oldin
  • barber auditions for shappel!!!!

    Megan WeberMegan Weber10 kun oldin
  • I don’t want you to look like Static Shock😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Glenn Murray 8991Glenn Murray 899110 kun oldin
  • I can never not see 50 Cent when I look at Shapel

    Glenn Murray 8991Glenn Murray 899110 kun oldin
  • Brendan has a lot of holes in his face wtf

  • You know why as a sponsor I would give this channel a sponser for Chappell I’d say I’ll sponsor youre channel but I want Chappell to announce it because he is honest you and Malik agree on all things Chappell will be honest and say he don’t like it!!!! So even tho it means money Chappell will speak truth I think sponsors want that honesty cause everyone watching knows Chappell wears what he is comfortable in so y’all want to sell you’re product tell Chappell to say he uses it or send him a sample and let him decide

  • Shapel is loud and talks over everyone kinda annoying

    Sal CuellarSal Cuellar10 kun oldin
    • What about cat? She talks too much

      iamalex4lifeiamalex4life10 kun oldin
  • Platinum mint blue? Can't compute 🤨

    Blue KnowsBlue Knows10 kun oldin
  • "Casey Anthony?" ...I can't! lmao

    life7777life777710 kun oldin
  • Shapel , DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR ......

    Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar10 kun oldin
  • Who else fucks with Chappels nappy hair tho... just needs a fade

    Joshua FigueroaJoshua Figueroa10 kun oldin
  • Has anyone ever seen a guy wearing a WNBA jersey?

    Jerome Baker DesignsJerome Baker Designs10 kun oldin
  • Shapel go navy seal hair cut

    Hot Wheels modeliuku Kampas die castHot Wheels modeliuku Kampas die cast10 kun oldin
    • best cut for thick boys

      Hot Wheels modeliuku Kampas die castHot Wheels modeliuku Kampas die cast10 kun oldin
  • *44:59** - LOL Chin's Bukakke reaction*

    cht469cht46910 kun oldin
  • Super Splash Bros trying to defeat the evil king Lil Browser to bukake Princesses

    Steve KosciuskoSteve Kosciusko10 kun oldin
  • Hey chin, thank you for showing PANTERA love 👍

    michael troutmichael trout10 kun oldin
  • Ebo 😂😂😂😂😂

    PP10 kun oldin
  • Damn. B trying to hide his hair dye like that 😂

    Kam BarnettKam Barnett10 kun oldin
  • Yeah my cousin aleigh got on wild n' out and she got with nick its true 😂😂

    beached whalebeached whale10 kun oldin
  • Chapelle, grow out them kill monger Wicks!

    Bruno Da SilvaBruno Da Silva10 kun oldin
  • My boy Malik makes the ugliest damn face When he laughs 😂

    conrad montanoconrad montano10 kun oldin
  • Chapel waiting his time to snap on Brandon.

    Chad FunkhouserChad Funkhouser11 kun oldin
  • Malik looks like Kyrie Irving

    TheOC2334TheOC233411 kun oldin
  • Cat with those jeans all the way up to the belly button, down boy down!

    ChrisCarterFONNAChrisCarterFONNA11 kun oldin
  • I know nothing about everything but can tell you everything

    cringe worldcringe world11 kun oldin
  • Wow this podcast has gone to shit since Bryan has left lol. Now he has his sidekicks 🤣 terrible

    DavidDavid11 kun oldin
  • You guys suck at comedy

    jose lemusjose lemus11 kun oldin
  • Chapel. Seriously your not a bad lookin dude. Your 8 atleast and your personality makes it even higher. So your good bro

    Crypto Is The Way To GoCrypto Is The Way To Go11 kun oldin
  • Oh god schuab listens to nick cannon and loves wildn out ?? That's so cringe bruh

    yaboycapone 96yaboycapone 9611 kun oldin
  • on music, oh you dumb boy , u dont even know what music is !! wow

    Pedro StromPedro Strom11 kun oldin
  • Kesha gray best female gap foh

    Vincent PerovichVincent Perovich11 kun oldin
  • Joe’s jeans and Paige jeans

    Michael FloresMichael Flores11 kun oldin
  • I went to pacsun today wtf you mean shappelle

    MattIsLolingMattIsLoling11 kun oldin
  • Shapel low fade or high taper and you’re good just get rid or the squareness

    kris sessionskris sessions11 kun oldin
  • Brendan and joe budden interview please! Two heads of podcasts, joe knows his sports too hip hop fashion mental health talk they could go for hours

    kris sessionskris sessions11 kun oldin
    • @conrad montano yeah I’m sure no one listens to him🙄

      kris sessionskris sessions10 kun oldin
    • Nobody likes Joe budden bro

      conrad montanoconrad montano10 kun oldin
  • Schulz is like I don’t like any of the avengers movies or marvel movies because it’s not realistic but then he like space jam which is the fakest movie ever, when he gets shot into space & have too play with Looney Tunes characters too save his son by winning. Basketball game which NOT REAL characters lol, atleast in avengers , marvel movies , etc. they actually have proof they really were super hero people like that back down sooooo relax amigo Capeesh.

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior11 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who heard Chen said “do you Wanna boner” when he ready the WNBA players name at 55:50

    Christian HickmanChristian Hickman11 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂

      Christian HickmanChristian Hickman11 kun oldin

    MbookMbook11 kun oldin
  • This podcast is in a death spiral. More frequent and less planning.

    Chris HowardChris Howard11 kun oldin
  • 7:39 annnnnnnd a classic Kat talking over everyone!!!!!!

    Its Bret MeadIts Bret Mead11 kun oldin
  • yo Shapel dances like Baron Zemo

    Kenny WuKenny Wu11 kun oldin

    Armchair FightersArmchair Fighters11 kun oldin
  • Drake is Champaignpapi Shapel is old English brotha

    YeaJon ProductionsYeaJon Productions11 kun oldin
  • Shapel should start the Wakanda look for real. IF he keeps up with the dread maintenance lol

    Cody PickellCody Pickell11 kun oldin
  • Crazy how it's "anti white" and not just "racist" if someone hates a group of people based on their skin colour, it is the actual definition of racism

    PMPM11 kun oldin
  • "Its not just Asians its Americans too" bro let someone talk about something without making it about you

    Jomar SantiagoJomar Santiago11 kun oldin