The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 653

12-Fev, 2021
147 456 Ko‘rishlar soni

The guys give updates on their diets, debate the best athlete of all time and talk the Cecil Hotel documentary, Chinese New Year, Gina Carano's social media controversy, reminisce about Brendan's tour in Ireland and the U.K, the most recent Gorilla Glue victim and much more!
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  • Jordan is the goat, but he’s not more athletic than Lebron James... this is hard to watch as a die hard nba fan, Brendan is talking out his ass he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

    Kristopher RiceKristopher Rice10 kun oldin
  • sorry malik but lebron doesn't have better accolades than jordan yes lebron has scored more points than jordan but lebron has lead the league in scoring once, jordan did it how many times? 10? all defensive team? jordan made it what 9? to lebron? lebron got screwed out of defensive player of the year so can't hold that one against him so its not just the 6 for 6 that jordan has over lebron

    kbdemonbainkbdemonbain26 kun oldin
  • PLS stop saying 'Hussain' Bolt lool. His reading level is sub par. How many times have you seen the name Usain and still put the 'H' in ffs. And he gets all touchy when people call him Brandon. Brain cells are not his forte

    Rob OtienoRob OtienoOy oldin
  • 0:39

    Morgan VIMorgan VIOy oldin
  • where was the funny part?

    WillWillOy oldin
  • 1:56:41 why none of them laugh? I'm cryin.

    Erik DunningErik DunningOy oldin
  • My problem with this podcast is finding out Brenden us left handed grow up B

    Ant FAnt FOy oldin
  • Brendan on the GOAT convo is completely ignorant and contradicts himself left and right. The same points he uses to discourage Serena he uses to support other arguments. Embarrassing! Malik folding that easily is weak too. Not even saying she’s it. But is at least in the conversation

    Dominic RembertDominic RembertOy oldin
  • Brandon u forgot Georgie best he is the best footballer

    Darren JeffreyDarren JeffreyOy oldin
  • I agree with brenden on his list except C Ronaldo and Messi aren’t best soccer players. Both have not won a World Cup for their country. Ronaldo from Brazil and pele definitely in the running

    phillip flip reyesphillip flip reyesOy oldin
  • Anyone remember what episode they were talking about money talks? I been rewatching the movie kuse of it damn it's a classic

    Coprophagia EntertainmentCoprophagia EntertainmentOy oldin
  • You can't detract from Serena because the "200th man" could beat her in tennis when you don't hold weight class against fighters. How can Floyd be the best if he couldn't beat Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, Vlad K., or any elite Heavyweight in the such thing as fastest heavyweight sprinter Bolt was the fastest human on the planet not in his weight class. Schaub could knockout Mayweather if he connected.

    John ZdyrkoJohn ZdyrkoOy oldin
  • Chin sounds sick..

    BrodyRichard263BrodyRichard263Oy oldin
  • Fuck all those bullshit opinions ELI TOMAC is the greatest athlete on this planet monster energy supercross is my sport and they are by far the toughest most fit athletes that walk this earth not even up for debate but if you want I'll school your ass. Or just go watch the races every Saturday night on nbcsn and grab some popcorn..cooper webb, ken roczen, justin barcia ..educate yourself these guys will shit on any athlete or sport in the game

    BrodyRichard263BrodyRichard263Oy oldin
  • You cannot have an interesting back and forth if 2 of the guys work for the main guy. It’s bad enough that Schwab’s takes are ignorant, sometimes misogynistic or even racist (accidentally, hence the ignorance). SOMEBODY STEP UP AND TELL SCHWAB HES FULL OF SHIT. He talks in circles!!! 1st “it’s not a gender thing” then “it’s a male female thing”. Fuck then he repeats himself for 30 minutes repeating the same things over and over

    nate pencilsnate pencilsOy oldin
  • Been watching from beginning sorry but Chappell just repeats what Brendan says & I just can't stand to watch a whole episode ,he's in right field not very quick witted to be in a comical podcast

    Steve SwanSteve SwanOy oldin
  • Chin looking like a giant krillin 🤣🤣

    Killuh InstinctKilluh InstinctOy oldin
  • Hey man tennis is worldwide like soccer!

    Michael AvilesMichael AvilesOy oldin
  • Fighter and the cosby kids

    Dominick MDominick MOy oldin
  • Williams is a man. Prove me wrong.

    MattsGonnaWakeUupMattsGonnaWakeUupOy oldin
  • Nobody talks about the real goat Eli Manning. 100% win ratio in super bowl appearances. Both of which were wins against the man widely considered the goat.

    Scottie RScottie ROy oldin
  • Bo Jackson over all of them

    mitch davismitch davisOy oldin
  • Wtf, shaub believes his opinion is the only valid one.

    michael ruizmichael ruizOy oldin
  • Tfatk reddit gonna love dis episode

    mad maxmad maxOy oldin
  • Stop playin with those dunks and cop some new year foamposites. They go wayyyyy harder and they are just made better all around. :P

    Andrew PishgarAndrew PishgarOy oldin
  • The real GOAT Jim Thorpe!!!

    Devin VanoutriveDevin VanoutriveOy oldin
  • Idk how you can’t throw Gretsky in top 5. You can take away every single goal Gretsky scored, and he would still dominate in points. And it’s not even close.

    Andrew ThomasAndrew ThomasOy oldin
  • Brendan knows fuck all about F1 hahaha

    mrmikef10mrmikef10Oy oldin
  • How long we gonna pretend !!! that we can actually compare Lebron to the GOAT Jordan? just sthap it...look at the numbers , look at the highlight videos.

    Andrew PishgarAndrew PishgarOy oldin
  • Fuck Brendan loves talking about himself doesn’t he. Out

    C P BC P BOy oldin
  • Did Cat really say Woody Harrelson became mainstream through Hunger Games?

    Andrew SlagleAndrew SlagleOy oldin
  • If it wasn’t for Malik, everyone would be agreeing to every debate. Wouldn’t even be a debate at that point.

    Jose MorenoJose MorenoOy oldin
  • Yo laughing at that Bam video was NOT it man. Dude is GOING THROUGH IT

  • Not worth going back to check, but I do think it's funny that Brenden is agreeing with Chappelle now....wasn't he one of the people talking shit when he said Comedy Central needed to pay him 🤔 the man is a flapjack

    SharmaSharmaOy oldin
  • Best athlete all time is Russian wrestler Aleksandr Karelin. Went 887 - 2 in his career. 29 Gold medals, 1 silver medal. Wrestled in 4 olympics from 1988 to 2000. Rogan talks about him sometimes. Dude is a freak

    surferdude612surferdude612Oy oldin
  • Soooo, Bo Jackson isn’t even going to be brought up for best athlete? These kids have no clue.

    zech johnsonzech johnsonOy oldin
  • The podcast stops being entertaining when no one else is allowed to have an opinion. It seems with Brendan the motto is, there’s my opinion and then there’s wrong. I think Malik and chefpel brought new energy to the podcast but if they’re only there to nod their heads and listen to brendans opinion (and agree) the energy is gone. It’s getting old!!!

    Sydney ThomasSydney ThomasOy oldin
    • There is no real chemistry here. Future doesn’t look bright.

      Shrute FarmsShrute FarmsOy oldin
  • Kat finally learned the place of a woman, I see.

    Mat GuerraMat GuerraOy oldin
  • This dude calling car drivers "athletic"...and I'm out!

    Mat GuerraMat GuerraOy oldin
  • Brendan: We did massive theaters in Australia. First time headlining in EUROPE XD

    Justin MontalvoJustin MontalvoOy oldin
  • tHis is the worst set ever. #peachpit #savedbythebell #ripscreech

    Mat GuerraMat GuerraOy oldin
  • someone tell Brenda Australia aint in Europe lol

    Mercuric MikeMercuric MikeOy oldin
  • Brendan looks 40 teen in that outfit

    Nopixel TeaNopixel TeaOy oldin
  • feel like brendan is so funny without the ego, like early king sting he was dam funny in my opinion

    HighguyHighguyOy oldin
    • WTF are you saying. Do you actually watch him? He is the most fragile ego driven boy in the comedy game. He can be very funny but he has some serious personality flaws.

      Shrute FarmsShrute FarmsOy oldin
  • 120 k people still have fucking nothing to do but watch this shit

    kornandfoofighterskornandfoofightersOy oldin
  • Malik is so dumb, it makes me not want to watch. Having Brenden explain everything to him like a child is annoying af

    Armando MunozArmando MunozOy oldin
  • Chin you WILD for your takes on women... All love though! Lol

    Jimmy QuijadaJimmy QuijadaOy oldin
  • Ricky Carmichael definitely is in the top 5 Goats maybe even higher than Brady. Look into it.

    jorge cardenasjorge cardenasOy oldin

      RYANRYANOy oldin
  • 16:40

    Al XAl XOy oldin
  • If your talking greatest sportsman ever, it has to be a worldwide sport. Not nfl.

    Scott DaleyScott DaleyOy oldin
  • How awful and brainless can a podcast be? How does this podcast have any views

    Chad HartlageChad HartlageOy oldin
  • Everyone here needs to go subscribe and watch Papa Callen's podcast Big & Hungry with Steve Byrne. Callen deserves tfatk numbers. His new pod could be a master piece.

    J-masta-PJ-masta-POy oldin

      RYANRYANOy oldin
  • Really dislike how Cat says "so god, soooo gooood..."..ughh

    Kahro PajuKahro PajuOy oldin

    •Oy oldin
  • love is tight fat is thicc

    DarkSun AnglerDarkSun AnglerOy oldin
  • That bam clip really broke my heart Ik Ryan Dunn would be by his side non stop rip hope bam makes it thru well

    Pablo MartinezPablo MartinezOy oldin
  • I'm surprised Malik feels comfortable to voice any opinion at all, considering Brenda is hypercritical of everything he says...almost feels like jealousy

    Spencer SSpencer SOy oldin
  • Everyone sleeping on Jerrry Rice played into his 40s 6 records 3 Super Bowls com on skip

    Jacob PelleyJacob PelleyOy oldin
  • Your Forgetting Kelly Slater 11 world Titles Been Surfing since 1989 Still ranked 3 in the World. Its a World Sport participation 17 to 35 million people. One of the most dangerous sports also

    brookesnutsbrookesnutsOy oldin
  • If somewhat made a job out of fact checking Brendan they would have to work 18 hour days

    N EN EOy oldin
  • Dean Karnazes - 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states. Ross Edgley - swam around UK. There are thousands of athletes out there whose physical athletic capabilities far surpass Tom Brady's, it's just they don't participate in commoditized sports leagues so most people don't know who they are.

    Bobby GonzalezBobby GonzalezOy oldin
  • Brendan "I still dress like a barista" Shaub. At this point he is just trolling everyone.

    N EN EOy oldin
  • Shaub saying the NFL is what everyone in "North America" strives to achieve is classic Shaub. Guess he forgot everything south of Mexico is still North America 😆

    N EN EOy oldin
  • Lebron better accolades? gtfo Malik MJ has more titles and more finals MVPs. MJ led the league in scoring 10 times while also being All-defensive first team 9 times. LeBron has led the league in scoring 1 time while being All-defensive first team 5 times. MJ played nearly his entire career in an NBA that allowed defensive 3 seconds and teams could crowd the paint and force mid-range jumpers. LeBron played his entire career with NBA 3 seconds and the paint was open for easy scoring at the rim and allowing for more assists in a faster-paced game. The comparison isn't even close. MJ was better on both ends in a tougher environment to do so.

    Sports FrontSports FrontOy oldin
  • Most dominant athlete conversation. BO JACKSON

    Reel GangstaReel GangstaOy oldin
  • Love these guys but it’s funny how Brendan is now the smartest guy in the room with no exception.

    William LarsenWilliam LarsenOy oldin
  • The lens they’re using in this shot is wide angle and makes Brendon look like a little shrimp. His head is 50% the size of the other guys but in reality he’s much bigger.

    William LarsenWilliam LarsenOy oldin
  • Hey man.. why ?

    PlayStation ProfessionalPlayStation ProfessionalOy oldin
  • So many people play tennis internationally - Brendan is so dumb sometimes.

    Virginlime94Virginlime94Oy oldin
  • bo jackson greatest athlete? anyone else think so?

    rhoiby23rhoiby23Oy oldin
  • dude, they compared Trump to Hitler for 4 years. Give me a fucking break. Disney has Nazi ties. FACTS

    SecretBeastSecretBeastOy oldin
  • Brady is the GOAT, but DEFENSE wins championships in fball, morons

    Martin AznarMartin AznarOy oldin
  • 21:01 “think of the level of difuludy”

    Levi SmartLevi SmartOy oldin
  • BO JACKSON!!!!!!

    DreDre805DreDre805Oy oldin
  • How TF do you include Mayweather in the best athlete discussion? The 200th best heavyweight will knock Floyd out. Ya gotta keep it consistent bubba

    nodws mponodws mpoOy oldin
  • Plus your take on that Morgan Wallace is trash. You have two African Americans that you claim to be your friends, and you sit there and blatantly say you would still listen to his music despite him saying those very racist words. You’re sus Brenda.

    Charlie CannonCharlie CannonOy oldin
  • Malik needs to stop trying to finish Brendan‘s sentence

  • Fk this show...Brendan is nothing without Theo

    jody hudsonjody hudsonOy oldin
  • 23:13 Brendan sounds like a seal

    Josh WhiteJosh WhiteOy oldin
  • from 2016 to 2020 the left compared everything to nazis. gina carano does it and all of sudden everyone on this show says you cant say something that terrible? im confused

    L LeeL LeeOy oldin
  • 1:41:20 again the racism is becoming more and more clear with this fat slob. "i dont know him but i dont think he's a bad guy". Make sense of that statement guys?

    u k meyeru k meyerOy oldin
  • Brendan is very misinformed about pro tennis. But none of those woman should be in the convo for best athlete.

    jamesEboijamesEboiOy oldin
  • What about Bruce Jenner? Best athlete ever.

    Matthew RequejoMatthew RequejoOy oldin
  • It's kinda disgraceful that Bo Jackson was not even in this conversation.. Brendan going too much off stats. This guy DOMINATED and was a MAN among Boys in his time.. in 2 sports.. trucking dudes on the football and hosing guys out at the plate from 300 ft. Come on man!! I love you guys. Watch this and kats too.. but yall missed this one BADDDDDDD

    Wyatt CarterWyatt CarterOy oldin
  • No disrespect Brendan it’s okay to not know about every sport, people have different opinions.

    Evan MackeyEvan MackeyOy oldin
  • as much as i love danny ric he wouldnt dominate as much as lewis hamilton has

    Ngoni KutsawaNgoni KutsawaOy oldin
  • Can we get Shapel a more comfortable arm situation?

    Steve EthierSteve EthierOy oldin
  • where the fuck is Callen still? so....Crowder has the balls to put him on, but not an actual 'badass'? hrmm....

    The Neon NinjaThe Neon NinjaOy oldin
  • Why you discrediting Serena? Even if she’s female she’s still top tier. Her accomplishments are insane not to even include her. Brenda a fuckin weirdo sometimes

    Charlie CannonCharlie CannonOy oldin
  • Chin lookin like he turned into an alaskan bullworm after cutting that hair

    Carter AllenCarter AllenOy oldin
  • No other athlete will have 23 gold medals to themselves. Stop the not everyone swims. They took the BEST ATHLETES from their country and he won 23!! GTFOH with that shitty take.

    JLM IndustriesJLM IndustriesOy oldin
  • Malik whose yo people in Queensland

    GOAT It Is What It IsGOAT It Is What It IsOy oldin
  • Brendan "she wont touch the ball against num 200" schaub

    Alfredo MunozAlfredo MunozOy oldin
  • Courtney Dauwalter beat the second place finisher (a man) by more than 10 hours, to win the Moab 240 mile endurance run.

    Bobby GonzalezBobby GonzalezOy oldin
  • I looooooooove when the show is more than an HOUR and some change!!!!!! It makes me so excited to see 2 hours on a cold wintery morning here in the midwest!!!

    Cassandra VillaCassandra VillaOy oldin
  • Brandy out here talkin' about 'when you put aside your bias' hahahah

    Steve EthierSteve EthierOy oldin
  • They changed the best athlete debate so many times lol

    FabcassoFabcassoOy oldin
  • They stay on one top for half the show,its getting boring without Bryan

    krzysztof kowalczykkrzysztof kowalczykOy oldin
  • How did nobody bring up TIGER WOODS in the greatest athletes of all time????

    DJ KuruptDJ KuruptOy oldin
  • Jordan played in a different league and had time off in the middle of his career. Lebron's stats don't hold to the old league. Jordan dominated over bigger men than Lebron with a rougher league. I'm with brendan on the mj lebron argument

    • @Antonio Howard I'm with you. Iverson too. The league was way different back then and to be dominant was way harder.

    • Size doesn’t matter. Mugsy Bouges at 5’3 was a star in that era. SKILL matter. Yes they were big but find a big man better than Jokic right now?

      Antonio HowardAntonio HowardOy oldin