The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 662

8-Mar, 2021
157 362 Ko‘rishlar soni

The guys recap Shapel's time in Austin, Malik's weekend at a rave and witnessing cuddle puddles and talk Tiger bringing a lizard back to life, Brendan's upcoming birthday, Cat's OF update, Chris Cuomo's controversial remark, BBW brawl in Arizona and much more!
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  • BTW those Nitrous balloons are called Hippie Crack 😂

    LeftLaneDreamsLeftLaneDreams7 kun oldin
  • Gotta respect Brendan for NOT being homophobic like a lot of guys 😭

    AA14 kun oldin
  • Is there anyone less funny than Schwab?

    smccorkle23smccorkle2324 kun oldin
  • Chappel said the same thing about the shoes... I can’t see myself spending that much money on shoes

    joel vinjoel vin24 kun oldin
  • Malik should go into acting

    Villgaxx07Villgaxx0728 kun oldin
  • Slap yourself if you're one of those who says the show is shit without Bryan. Malik and Shapel have such good chemistry with Brendan. Bryan does bring the extra but the show is definitely not trash without him. I like it just as much as the original.

    Mahmoud ChalabiMahmoud Chalabi29 kun oldin
  • Good work boys keep it rollin

    Dallas BoersmaDallas BoersmaOy oldin
  • 21:05 for pure gold - fake doctor malik pronouncing words wrong

    Jason SJason SOy oldin
  • chin gets wild lmao

    Patrick MahoneyPatrick MahoneyOy oldin
  • Ya believeland gun be freezin

    Bryan HowellBryan HowellOy oldin
  • 31:47 instant regret lol that was fucking hilarious brendon's face after he said it

    Bryan HowellBryan HowellOy oldin
  • Malik spent that $200 from the rave on Betterhelp promo code Schaub

    lewchootrainlewchootrainOy oldin
  • So no more creepy calen?

    Crazy FoolCrazy FoolOy oldin
  • so you got an Acura? no.. a honda civic ahahahahahha pretty big difference there

    The Gnostic AlienThe Gnostic AlienOy oldin
  • The orange juice is to get more vitamin c to enhance the roll

    Scottie RScottie ROy oldin
  • Brendan is getting creepier with cat by the episode

    nodws mponodws mpoOy oldin
  • “Have you seen her sister I don’t give a fuck if she got hooves” Sidenote: Chin out here doing molly with his boys letting them all run a train on his girlfriend

    Michael BoucherMichael BoucherOy oldin
  • Brendan's shoes are fire!

    Andrew WrightAndrew WrightOy oldin
  • They’d be at the Circle K💀

    Chris_redd24Chris_redd24Oy oldin
  • Schaub still a kid lol 😆 bball jersey on with halfsleeves

    Devils AdvocateDevils AdvocateOy oldin
  • You should try a pork dip sandwich with a light layer of mayonnaise and ghost pepper cheese from PSC. That stands for Pasadena Sandwich Company. That will be my last meal. Oh! A s'more! You've got to try a s'more!

    Robert LeeRobert LeeOy oldin
  • Yeah buddy

    D Hunt7599D Hunt7599Oy oldin
  • $200 Malik?? WTF is up with you bro? You need a better agent/manager.

    Alan JimenezAlan JimenezOy oldin
  • Scottsdale aka Snobbsdale

    elchucofriedelchucofriedOy oldin
  • The thing about only fans you can only do it for so long. You need to keep that job and retirement pay.

    elchucofriedelchucofriedOy oldin
  • Can anyone explain the Chin story?😂

    SalmanSalmanOy oldin
  • Just to clarify on the royal family stuff, their children do have titles just not a prince as technically they’re 6 in line for the throne. This has been a rule for over a hundred years. Security for the royal family is also ultimately decided by Parliament. Not saying the racism and other stuff isn’t true, and awful but there’s lots holes in her interview. Plus their both super rich anyway sort your self out a save is U.K. tax payers some money!

    Kyle SKyle SOy oldin
  • Shapell such a square and needs to stop cutting Malik down just to stay on Brenda's good side. Get that money malik. And kat totally doesn't do molly 🤣

    Alfredo DominguezAlfredo DominguezOy oldin
  • Drake is not the best in music (mainstream maybe) singing about clubs/ladies lol Original & lyrical yeaaaaa 👌🏽

    Josh KJosh KOy oldin
  • I’d get real tired of doing this podcast if I was malik

    Robert WiseRobert WiseOy oldin
  • Where's the new TFATKZ Joe Koy episode? It's on my podcast addict app.

    DieselDieselOy oldin
    • Chin sluffin

      DirkDirkOy oldin
  • Bro just fucking bring Bryan back already Jesus

    stan alyasstan alyasOy oldin
  • Chapel needs to go

    Matthew RunMatthew RunOy oldin
  • Scuff their shoes at the end of this podcast pls

    JEKELJEKELOy oldin
  • Bro they destroyed Malik on the new joe koy episode don’t know why they don’t ha e video up but it’s kinda sad literally 44 min of them making fun of Malik but Malik do be saying some dumb stuff sometimes.

    Roasted MalonesRoasted MalonesOy oldin
  • Wack.

    GMGMOy oldin
  • 51:11 Brendan's subscribing to cats onlyfans

    Sam GarswoodSam GarswoodOy oldin
  • 38:34 - Bruh, Tran mission lol

    Suresh KardaSuresh KardaOy oldin
  • All these peeps lived such sheltered lives! At 63 I dont know anyone in my circle thats not done MDMA at least.

    Chewing TooonsChewing TooonsOy oldin
  • someone make a short shoecam intro they can add at the end

    NPC #1081288870NPC #1081288870Oy oldin
  • Why Brendan always doggin Malik... smh

    Julian MurilloJulian MurilloOy oldin
  • cats face gets rounder and rounder every episode

    Joel OwensJoel OwensOy oldin
  • Gosh what's up w Brendan's tight jeans? So fem smh

    christopher yasuschristopher yasusOy oldin
  • Brendan's face after Malik says he's white on inside

    christopher yasuschristopher yasusOy oldin
  • 21:06 funny af.

    cpadilla9303cpadilla9303Oy oldin
  • Where is the new jo koy video

    Andre CombsAndre CombsOy oldin
  • I want to like this but I can’t. I held on for as long as I could. They don’t ever get started. Da m , I’ll try again next week.

    m am aOy oldin
  • Chappel talking about selling out shows... but does he really think people will fall for the “Dave” Chappel thing much longer when they’re buying tickets

  • Damn this was a shit episode, legit.

    Karl WKarl WOy oldin
    • You thought

      Zip ’N’ DiPZip ’N’ DiPOy oldin
  • Royal family shit is just to distract from prince Andrew and his relationship with epstien

    william dietzwilliam dietzOy oldin
  • Does anyone have a problem with Schwab telling his female employee that he wants to see naked pictures of her and video of her having sex? Anyone? It’s fucking creepy.

    nate pencilsnate pencilsOy oldin
    • @T S shit...schwab is making turmoil for himself saying stupid shit like that. if that doesn't make you feel gross when he says that, then fuck me. but when he says shit like that about an employee or a friend... its fucking gross.

      nate pencilsnate pencilsOy oldin
    • Imagine a world where people are judged on their actions alone and not on things they say on a comedy podcast.. focus on improving your own life and not making turmoil for others.

      T ST SOy oldin
    • He’s gonna get canceled

      AsadAsadOy oldin
  • Malik is bryan callens BOY!!! why is brendan only looking at shapel like hes trying to show up bryan with his own "found" comic....realistically bryan found shapel, malik AND brendan lol

    Paid'nGamesPaid'nGamesOy oldin
    • Chill one time dawg

      Zip ’N’ DiPZip ’N’ DiPOy oldin
    • damn im looking at it now....this is bryans children having a podcast lol

      Paid'nGamesPaid'nGamesOy oldin
  • Who still wears crooks and castle 🤔 onward....

    Jafell MeJafell MeOy oldin

    1994 Orphan1994 OrphanOy oldin
  • Blocking this channel until callen comes back

    Joe WattsJoe WattsOy oldin
  • No Bryan no party

    ChumpChampChumpChampOy oldin
  • Yeah that the richest people on earth. Because if you look at the 1783 treaty with the United States, the king never gave up allodial title to the land nor did he hand over the charters or his corporations. Which means our taxes goes to the royal family still. Yeah they don't teach you that s*** in history class. America is just a farce

    ice4mysoda619ice4mysoda619Oy oldin
  • Watchin Bren dog when Malik talks about tryin to pay dues. Doing comedy at a rave, seeing weird shit. Makes him seem like the most pretentious piece of garbage ever. Feel bad for these guys clingin onto Bren dogs coat tails like he did to Rogan and Callen.

    BdOhBdOhOy oldin
  • 1:08:00 Charles Barkley really just has his hands in the freemasonic pyramid symbol while taking a picture CLEAR AS DAY smh🤦🏽‍♂️

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge SeniorOy oldin
  • Shapel out the closet yet? Just checking back.

    Shoot The Breeze PodcastShoot The Breeze PodcastOy oldin
  • Shoe shurgen 🤦‍♂️

    Nineteen81Nineteen81Oy oldin
  • Fighter and the kidz. The "kidz" have probably spent more years in comedy than Brenda has

    Brian SBrian SOy oldin
  • With a Brillo pad😂🤣😂🤣

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge SeniorOy oldin
  • It's gonna sound rude but the prince knew what he was getting into. History and traditions exist no matter if Twitter or Facebook's agenda approves it or not. Everything in our generation ihas to be "right now" and nobody considers in a day or less all this ease could be taken away and we'd be in the stone age again

    LJ ReeLJ ReeOy oldin
  • Lookin forward to you fellas coming to spokane. You ain't jumping in that lake though hahaha. You guys want the spots let me know.

    Zachary MitchellZachary MitchellOy oldin
  • LOL Why did you try that word

    Bleached MEAT XBleached MEAT XOy oldin
  • Brenden is a bully to Malik, he always talks over him and cuts him off.

    Peter LauPeter LauOy oldin
    • Same bro. Malik is a real one and really funny and Shapel kisses Brendans ass and laughs at or repeats anything Brendan says, yet Brendan praises Shapel and constantly hates on Malik. Must be something to do with Brendan’s insecurities somehow and he only likes people that don’t challenge him AT ALL. BTW always been the biggest supporter of Brendan against the delusional hating, but the difference in the way he treats Malik and Shapel just because one is a total kiss ass and follower is just weird and makes him look terrible FR...

      LeftLaneDreamsLeftLaneDreams7 kun oldin
    • I think you are misunderstanding Brenden and Malik’s relationship in the show.Brenden and Shapel pick on Malik like the kid brother. He is the youngest of the 3 and the newest to the crew.

      Matt NaraMatt NaraOy oldin
  • Did Malik and his his girl split up his looking bare thirsty

    raj Rraj ROy oldin
  • Shapel is a punk. Hes an echo . Also possibly autistic. Dosnt stick up 4 his boy malik. .also y is bren only looking at shapel

    yaboycapone 96yaboycapone 96Oy oldin
  • People really paying to see kat. Sad and pathetic

    yaboycapone 96yaboycapone 96Oy oldin
  • 17:38-17:50

    nick wilsonnick wilsonOy oldin
  • Cat ain’t only doin feet on her only fans that’s for damn sure lol

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge SeniorOy oldin
  • ain't it ecstatic how this program normalizes drug use and sluttishness

    WR HarpmanWR HarpmanOy oldin
  • Cat is built like the mom from little people big world except she has no ass

    Rumple4skinnRumple4skinnOy oldin
    • She got some yeeks

      Zip ’N’ DiPZip ’N’ DiPOy oldin
  • Brendan's greatest quote, "Yeah she's the queen of England dude."

    Brian DavisBrian DavisOy oldin
  • Chin talking about his weekend and everyone's reaction is my favorite thing that has ever happened on this podcast

    Justin AltmanJustin AltmanOy oldin
  • I think Steve O tried whippets before.

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge SeniorOy oldin
  • Shapel "That's So Arizona" Lacey

    Julian ChaseJulian ChaseOy oldin
  • Worst place to do stand up comedy - room when someone is getting put to death -a rave

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge SeniorOy oldin
  • Brendan has shapel over to watch his special just to hear shapel laugh at his jokes.

    Jamie MeilJamie MeilOy oldin
  • They just be talking about anything nowadays lol .

    Jesse EstradaJesse EstradaOy oldin
  • Brendan is a fan of 6ix9ine. That basically sums up the guy in a nutshell, douchebag.

    Ching ChongChing ChongOy oldin
  • God this show is dumb, it’s good for background noise

    Pirate RadioPirate RadioOy oldin
  • Shapel get a jeep panther.

    A HA HOy oldin
  • 31:43 k...

    JamesJamesOy oldin
  • "but shes a lord" 🤣🤣🤣

    YoDavidPlaysYoDavidPlaysOy oldin
  • Lol they are so oblivious to the drug world and what actually goes down

    Chris WrightChris WrightOy oldin
  • These nggas start tawkn bout the weather

    Sacci LeoneSacci LeoneOy oldin
  • Chin Def enjoys the Molly

    Colin SmithColin SmithOy oldin
  • I really miss fighter and the kid, not whatever this kidz BS is

    D0PE ASFD0PE ASFOy oldin
  • Their age and non la native showed when they didn’t know what noz was😂😂 I’m pretty sure we when he said balloons most of the la kids had flashbacks to the 2for5 flyer days😂😂 y’all need a real la native on their please, show y’all what’s up lol (I’m saying this in a non hating nice kinda way lol)

    Jackie ManjarrezJackie ManjarrezOy oldin
    • 3 for 20 now

      Duncan StoebnerDuncan StoebnerOy oldin
    • FACTS!! The party crews passing out flyers with half naked chickz and “no granny pantiez” will be the highlight of my adolescence lol

      jamie gomezjamie gomezOy oldin
  • "What that gut do babayy" Shapel bruh make some merch!!

    Shaydak GShaydak GOy oldin
  • 58:24 That is so sweet, but also so weird. Myes.

    Koen LaenensKoen LaenensOy oldin
  • 58:17 "so all the homies out here cuddling?!?!" Bro 😂

    iWapehiWapehOy oldin
  • What that Dick do baybay!!!! Lol Stevie with his little air maxes lol

    LoneStar PunishersLoneStar PunishersOy oldin
  • Lot's of talks and judgements about X on this episode. I think everyone should experience what it's like to roll at least one time in their life. WITH REAL X not fake bunk ass bullshit. It can help bonds and strengthen relationships and create amazing memories. It don't have to be all cuddle puddles and orgy's just get some water and vicks inhalers , glow sticks, good music and some Ni * optional* and have a blast without even touching anyone. It's not all sex based vibes even though touch becomes more sensitive. It maybe even good for the brain like an oil change for your happy chems. Take some 5htp to prevent nasty comedowns and your gtg. Don't turn into a junkie or anything but also don't shame it without trying it. Just my one cares. cool story i kno

    Andrew PishgarAndrew PishgarOy oldin
  • Brenda is the biggest band wagon supporter.

    Jules WinfieldJules WinfieldOy oldin
  • Brooklyn fan now?

    Will GraceWill GraceOy oldin
  • Brendan is a grown man that still uses the word "gay" in a negative derogatory way...gross

    BrodyRichard263BrodyRichard263Oy oldin
  • The boys definitely didn’t get too excited about Cat’s latest OnlyFans updates, especially Schaub. Mind you, Cat played along with it and knew the confession about doing wet t shirt poses was going to cause the blood to leave their heads and travel towards... their other heads.

    smutleybutchersmutleybutcherOy oldin