The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 664

15-Mar, 2021
146 487 Ko‘rishlar soni

The guys recap their Cleveland trip and talk Chin's trip to the ER and emergency surgery, To Catch a Smuggler, Paris Hilton, the Grammys, American Idol, BTS, Kpop, Mario Judah, Michael Blackson and much more!
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  • Honestly in that Uber situation I literally don’t care if they’re girls, they gettin their ass beat till they get outta my car, and I’d smile to the camera afterward, they should prolly think about that before they assault someone and treat them like garbage 🤷🏻‍♂️

    xwr3ksh0pxxwr3ksh0px3 kun oldin
  • LOL people still listen to this?

    GhOsT 420GhOsT 42021 kun oldin
  • The fighter and the kid was with Bryan Callen. This is not the fighter and the kid. This is shit. Bryan is out because of a 20 year old allegation? What a powerfully wanker ass move.

    BenderdyBenderdy22 kun oldin
  • it's tough, b

    andylikesthingsandylikesthings23 kun oldin
  • That should rename the podcast to Little dick and 2 shriveled balls. Or maybe just change it to How not to act of you are American.

    ScottSkiScottSki23 kun oldin
  • Brendan makes this show unbearable at times dude plz shut up and let others talk I know you're desperate to spread that stupidity around but please have some self control

    Mcdonald's Big MacMcdonald's Big Mac23 kun oldin
  • It’s called Godzilla because it would eat a Porsche!

    Valdez916x4Valdez916x424 kun oldin
  • Brendan on that ACAI

    562 GANJA562 GANJA24 kun oldin
  • Brendan a closet salami smuggler for sure. such a Hollywood tool bag. the two blacks keep me coming back

    daddybear443daddybear44324 kun oldin
  • All maliks girlfriends friends on here commenting bout how he gets disrespected. Buddy is getting paid stupid money to talk for 4hrs a week if he wants out there’s the door.

    Alek GiguèreAlek Giguère24 kun oldin
  • Y'all are 100% on Ohio. We kinda shut down.. Then we got over it... Then nah.. Then 'be careful' style. Then Nevermind. All of us are just wearing masks and being "smart". People stay dying though. My lady works in the covid unit at a Local hospital. Shit is real.

    Kenneth HowellKenneth Howell25 kun oldin
  • Malik a G

    D Hunt7599D Hunt759925 kun oldin
  • orca ninjas go Rambo

    Michael DunawayMichael Dunaway26 kun oldin

    DeathphoneDeathphone26 kun oldin
  • The terrible transition at 1:19:07, something was said there that was R rated...

    Vasco De GamaVasco De Gama26 kun oldin
  • Why is a black dude “Chappelle” that is articulate and pretty smart considered “white”, im sure he’s tired of hearing that shit already. Those other 2 are painful to listen to sometimes with the dumb ass shit they say, especially the shit that comes out of Maliks mouth.

    jrocjroc26 kun oldin
  • Chin on Star Search: "Years ago... years ago they tried to...."

    stephen frazierstephen frazier26 kun oldin
    • lmao perfect. all cocky at first.. then...years ago...

      waitinroomwaitinroom23 kun oldin
  • Cat: “she likes having her face stepped on” Malik:”WITH A SHOE 😳 ohh barefoot” 39:20 😂😂😳😳😳😳

    Ray KopetRay Kopet27 kun oldin
  • this podcast has zero content anymore it's just three dudes bullshitting for about an hour what's the point can't they at least have a subject or something to talk about

    gorilla·ganjagorilla·ganja27 kun oldin
  • Why is Malik dressed up like ET?

    Mix Master MezaMix Master Meza27 kun oldin
  • The comments section is always so freaking burutal. I really liked this ep yet all these haters just complaining about nonsense. This podcast is for laughsssssss

    GSDlivingGSDliving27 kun oldin
  • These shows are declining fast! 🤣

    nii clarknii clark27 kun oldin
  • These guys laughing wayyyyyy to hard for brenda during the kelly and jc talk. Dude it wasnt that funny

    Sandy GillSandy Gill27 kun oldin
  • @1:03:00 watched 5 times and im still crying

    Jordan RebelloJordan Rebello28 kun oldin
  • Damn chin. Sorry you had this go down. But really hope that you better . And get better day by day

    Josh DinamitaJosh Dinamita28 kun oldin
  • Idk but I’ve never ever wanted to listen to that group

    LoneStar PunishersLoneStar Punishers28 kun oldin
  • Actually nice to see Malik not get completely emasculated by Brendan on this ep hahahaha

    This Is MattThis Is Matt28 kun oldin

    Madte YahooMadte Yahoo28 kun oldin
  • Lets be real New Edition smokes em all. Those other boy bands are glorified back up dancers.

    Sushi ChefSushi Chef28 kun oldin
  • the rare 7 edits a minute

    Monty CarmonaMonty Carmona28 kun oldin
  • Shapel needs to chill with his forced laughter whenever Brendan makes a joke. It’s kinda pathetic at this point.

    Mr RagerMr Rager28 kun oldin
  • Brenden had to be high af for this man!😂😂 I havnt seen him be this silly since FATK 3D😂 gotta love big brown man

    Wyatt GoebelWyatt Goebel28 kun oldin
  • For sure a Tuner GTR, twin turbo, JDM hot swap & slicks, & a 911 with turbo, exhaust & dusted.

    Jesso Madcity281Jesso Madcity28128 kun oldin
  • Fucccc American idol I hate when Brendan brings it up

    PP28 kun oldin
  • "Katy Perry's got 50 million" lol Yeah, more like 350. Also, Cat is so fucking dumb. Have you watched... the Oscars? In March? Almost as good as Eric Snowden.

    SwannSwann28 kun oldin
  • Schuab looks like he had too much salt this weekend.. face looking thicc

    Gabriel MayoraGabriel Mayora28 kun oldin
  • Oh. They still doing this show. Wack.

    Pure PrecisionPure Precision28 kun oldin
  • Maliks FEEEEET

    Tom KingTom King28 kun oldin
  • Why the fuck is malelick still on this pod? I always hope on days That I pull up my feed, that it’s just Brendan and chapel.

    Ryan FullerRyan Fuller28 kun oldin
  • Brendan is barely holding it together. He's struggling to stay funny /relevant with his younger comics he's hosting with. Watching every reality show does not make you relevant. I remember catching a show recently in Tampa. It was painful watching jocks laughing at basic silly things a 9th grader would say. His supposed crowd work was super cringy. I don't know how long his clinging to huge names like Koy, Rogan, and the Callen will last. He Def needs humility and stop acting the jerk.

    Richard LallaRichard Lalla28 kun oldin
  • @the fighter and the kid I BEEEEEEN on Keith Ape! Used to bump his shit when servin snow in gville

    Matthew Willis-lawrenceMatthew Willis-lawrence28 kun oldin
  • Malik and shapel bring something special to this pod 😂😂🥇

    andrew vallejosandrew vallejos28 kun oldin
  • The intro is fire tho

    Kenny DeVoreKenny DeVore28 kun oldin
  • This episode slaps! Jk What are you guys on? I’m high and not laughing hysterically at everything like y’all.

    Tyler PettyTyler Petty28 kun oldin
  • LOL Beyonce cant do lap dances no more but Cardi B and Megan The Stallion can scissor LOL

    MuscleNSpeedMuscleNSpeed28 kun oldin
  • What the fuck is this shit all about? American Idol? what are you even talking about? This podcast needs to make it's mind up which way is going?

    Steven PayneSteven Payne28 kun oldin
  • In all honesty Kelly Roland was the hottest chic on DC Beyonce is all fake

    Leonardo RodriguezLeonardo Rodriguez28 kun oldin
  • Bring Callen back

  • Episodes are funnier when Malik talks more.

    Steve O FettSteve O Fett28 kun oldin
  • "It G Ma" STOLE that beat from an American rapper NOT the other way around btw.

    Good ApolloGood Apollo28 kun oldin
  • JC looks like Razor Ramon in that video!

    Nerd NugsNerd Nugs28 kun oldin
  • I like how theyre dying at a joke we came up with. I tagged them in the Mario Judah post. Brendan repeats it and they cackle like the first time,hearing it

    YeaJon ProductionsYeaJon Productions28 kun oldin
  • Chin edited a video for the star search competition lol

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior28 kun oldin
  • 2 more episodes until the Cecil hotel episode

    YeaJon ProductionsYeaJon Productions28 kun oldin
  • On 55 crrriiiipppp....

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior28 kun oldin
  • Just get Malik off the show already Brendan clearly doesn’t even look in the direction of Malik and if he does engage it’s to talk shit on anything he said IT SHOULD ONLY BE SHAPEL AND BRENDAN THEY WORK WAY BETTER TOGETHER!

    zachary martinezzachary martinez28 kun oldin
  • Does Brendan have an issue with Malik or something?

    William HarrisWilliam Harris28 kun oldin
  • My truth is silenced...I love and I forgive...I am crucified...for I am a father...

    Stryder WinchStryder Winch28 kun oldin
  • Boring without Callen

    Dark UnknownDark Unknown28 kun oldin
  • Either kick Malik off the show, or have Brendan start acknowledging him. It’s like there’s a wall between them, and each malik and Brendan can only interact with shapelle

    Adam JanuszAdam Janusz28 kun oldin
  • 40 year old men using words like cap 🥴 stop acting like lil twitch kids

    GHWTGG TVGHWTGG TV28 kun oldin
  • This is so unwatchable. 45 mins of grown men discussing k-pop. This show is like when opiates don’t do anything anymore but you still do them anyway.

    Chisel TeethChisel Teeth28 kun oldin
  • or Brendan has a oversize jacket/blouse on or he is losing weight real fast.

    Rachid PardoRachid Pardo28 kun oldin
  • Now Brendan has a bit of clout to his name he thinks he can treat the up and comers like shit. When Brendan was starting out he was treated way differently by the headliners...Tbh he's turned into such a prick.

    Nick GNick G28 kun oldin
  • Lol Brenda swab steady defending communist cali

    nocoast beardnocoast beard28 kun oldin
  • Lacey and branden are incredibly unfunny.

    00ABBITT0000ABBITT0028 kun oldin
  • Chin during Star Search auditions: “Years ago they...”

    yungchowyungchow28 kun oldin
  • Maliks over the top actor laughing is so annoying. He throws so much body language into his laugh, its so obviously forced. He's like the kid on the playground trying to fit in.

    S1X BucksS1X Bucks28 kun oldin
  • I feel like they've had this Kelly Rowland conversation 4 times already. Praying for more Callen episodes this is getting rough

    KevinKevin28 kun oldin
  • It's SPRING BREAK they're all down here in FL you know this big brown!

    Mike EdwardsMike Edwards28 kun oldin
  • American idol and BTS, this podcast is strictly for teenage girls.

    Dan NoslebDan Nosleb28 kun oldin
  • Skip to any time in the video and you will always find Brenda talking. That's crazy. Lol. Also painful.

    Omar MAOmar MA28 kun oldin
  • Druski be killing it all day

    Mynor A CalderonMynor A Calderon28 kun oldin
  • Bryan

    Cody JordanCody Jordan28 kun oldin
  • Is there nothing else to talk about .....American idol..border patrol, current events is a horrible segment. So much potential in this podcast. Fuck man hahah

    Martin MareMartin Mare28 kun oldin
  • Great episode! 😄

    Sarai RomeroSarai Romero28 kun oldin
  • Malik....u find some old us weekly's at your girls oh my lord

    Dawny kzDawny kz28 kun oldin
  • Conversation: Uber Malik says how their sales are being affected by DoorDash which they all heard from someone. Brendan: retardedly dismisses it in a rude way "Yeah we were talking about Uber though" Malik: Confused Shapel: "Nah I see what you were saying, the dude that told us.." Brendan: finishes the point Malik was making but still dismisses by saying "this isn't every city though" because he's salty. Then finishes the SAME sentence with "thats everywhere" like he knew what he was talking about the whole time. Bahaha 😂 Theo would be the only one with enough balls and quick enough to call him out on all that.

    Creep For PresCreep For Pres28 kun oldin
    • Agreed brendan us what keeps me from subscribing to this show the dude is annoying and really stupid on a lot of topics not to mention how much he loves talking over everyone because he thinks he's a genius 🙄

      Mcdonald's Big MacMcdonald's Big Mac23 kun oldin
  • 38:34

    Yoma masfaceYoma masface28 kun oldin
  • Malik get burnt in this episode too?

    Mark AnthonyMark Anthony28 kun oldin
  • Damn B, you looking spiceeeey today😘

    Yuri TesticoffYuri Testicoff28 kun oldin
  • Brendan "idc if it's all black ppl let the best be up there" Also Brendan "yeah but the problem with that is asians ride for there's I mean BTS won every award like c'mon"

    Aaron BrownAaron Brown28 kun oldin
  • I got to say it, Brendan orca whales have never been known to attack people in the wild.

    3four 4door3four 4door28 kun oldin
  • Get Mario Judah on TFATKZ!

    Taylor FernTaylor Fern28 kun oldin
  • You think Brendan thinks Malik took the shoes he lost a way back thatz why he treats him like that?

    Kevin ArreagaKevin Arreaga28 kun oldin
  • Chapelle just repeats what Brendan says except annoying

    Jordan DyasJordan Dyas28 kun oldin
  • This show is worse and worse. I used to love it though...

    Bwa V.Bwa V.28 kun oldin
  • the upside down LA symbol cringe af

    Vincent AbernathyVincent Abernathy28 kun oldin
  • HipHop scene in Korea is fun as hell. Had a great time in the clubs in Seoul Pre-COVID. Lots of thickness believe it or not

    afwestpunkafwestpunk28 kun oldin
  • Man this episode was rough.

    modestfreak87modestfreak8729 kun oldin
  • Katy Perry 50 million hahahah try 300+

    Joe ReynoldsJoe Reynolds29 kun oldin
  • i agree about Paris Hilton... She is like a fine wine.... Gets better with age. I didnt find her to be that attractive back in the day, but she is a smoke show now.

    Charles DoanCharles Doan29 kun oldin
  • 100% agree w/ B on that mess that went down with the abusive teacher. We don’t play that and I can FOR SURE see Jo putting a beat down on a bully - and that putting it lightly.

    Jose TorresJose Torres29 kun oldin
  • Priceless moment from Malik, @ 1:00:46

    Mike C.Mike C.29 kun oldin
  • Men in their 30’s, talking about BTS. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Anthony Wright HearnAnthony Wright Hearn29 kun oldin

    Francisco CorreaFrancisco Correa29 kun oldin

    Joseph MullinsJoseph Mullins29 kun oldin
  • Maliks the type of dude to jump and catch a football that you totally could’ve caught easier just standing there.

    Aaron RomoAaron Romo29 kun oldin
  • Shout out to Maliks hoodie for staying on the back of his head the whole episode.

    Carrie HefernanCarrie Hefernan29 kun oldin
  • Good luck fucking with an Uber driver in Phoenix az area, u might get swiss cheesed up dumped in desert

    Jerome Baker DesignsJerome Baker Designs29 kun oldin