The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 663: Jo Koy

11-Mar, 2021
197 233 Ko‘rishlar soni

Jo Koy is back and the guys talk 7 eleven, P Diddy's Making The Band, Jo working with Steven Spielberg on his new film, Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy stories, 41 with a law degree suing his parents for money, Piers Morgan controversy, the attempt to cancel Eminem, Jo's new book and much more!
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  • The show would be better without Malik, he makes it awkward and he kills the laughs.

    Google UserGoogle User15 kun oldin
  • Wow. This show really sucks now.

    Todd ArrudaTodd Arruda18 kun oldin
  • Malik ia TFATKs Bert Kriescher

    EcksRichEcksEcksRichEcks20 kun oldin
  • I would absolutely love it if malik becomes bigger than both of them..especially brendan. Brendans salty ass would burrnnnn!!

    Ali WarisAli Waris24 kun oldin
  • Brendan needs to stop getting his news from the breakfast club. Coming to American 2 was trash though.

    Lorenzo PerezLorenzo Perez25 kun oldin
  • I eat it all at 7/11 .. especially them buffalo wings!

    Curtis FlowCurtis Flow25 kun oldin
  • Which podcast do they talk about how they wipe there ass?

    Drake WootenDrake Wooten27 kun oldin
  • Is it me or does the wall look like it’s CGI

    Ryan MRyan M27 kun oldin
  • Joe too cheap to give them a copy of his book 😆

    Mourinho MMourinho M28 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan is not that funny, hype

    None Ur BusinessNone Ur Business28 kun oldin
    • You’re being to generous. He’s not funny.

      Doug DimmadomeDoug Dimmadome27 kun oldin
  • Its Beer Fest fun Brendan not super troopers dumbass

    roberto zavalaroberto zavala28 kun oldin
  • Brendan needs to shut the fuck up and quit interuppting jo koy every time he tries to say something

    Patrick RosenboomPatrick Rosenboom28 kun oldin
  • R.I.P Malik

    KyleKyle28 kun oldin
  • Jo koy looks like a fat Steve - O

    Chad NicholasChad Nicholas29 kun oldin
  • Malik roasted hahah🔥

    Timothy ManlapazTimothy Manlapaz29 kun oldin
  • Jo is goat

    It’s me JuntaoIt’s me Juntao29 kun oldin
  • Sooo looking forward to JoKoy’s movie!!!

    Rod MRod M29 kun oldin
  • You guys realize Piers was MARRIED at the time!

    Derrick ChaconDerrick Chacon29 kun oldin
  • Brendans just happy that Bryan's not there to make him look like the dummy anymore

    Jim MorrisonJim Morrison29 kun oldin
  • WTF is wrong with Jo Koy’s teeth 🦷

    None Ur BusinessNone Ur Business29 kun oldin
  • Hey Shaub Starbucks is not a franchise, you cannot open one, does this guy do any research at all lol

    BBG INCBBG INC29 kun oldin
  • 47:30 soooo.... you???

    Stack The PlugStack The Plug29 kun oldin
  • How the hell can ANYONE be a fan of Piers Morgan? He´s the biggest a$$40le around.

    ReelersReelers29 kun oldin
  • I'd kill to be in maliks spot just gettin roasted and laughing with all those dudes.

    Dr SavageDr Savage29 kun oldin
  • Harry isn't second in line. Elizabeth, Charles, William, his kids and then Harry.

    Allen MalatekAllen Malatek29 kun oldin
  • Malik has to be more funny, He ruins the show with this act he does. It is so uncomfortable to watch

    Ryan ShihabiRyan ShihabiOy oldin
  • Funny how both Brenda and shapel’s tone changed about maliks rave show once Jo said he’s done shows like that. You can’t trust people like that, who change depending on who’s sitting in front of them

    Adam AnthonyAdam AnthonyOy oldin
  • Schaub. You know I am a huge fan and much respect but brother stop cutting off people when they talk. I know you don’t realize it but it’s happening

    pete leepete leeOy oldin
  • Hyena laughing is annoying.

    GMGMOy oldin
  • God Brendan is such a trash comedian. He never brings an authentic funny idea or premise. He literally just ATTEMPTS to riff on someone else’s funny premise and just does that thing where he reiterates what someone says but slightly different and in a dumb voice.

    Blake of house GarrettBlake of house GarrettOy oldin
  • The clowning on Malik is getting old... I find myself fast forwarding through the cringe of Brendan just agreeing with guest just to dog Malik. Brendan forever being right and always telling others they are wrong!

    Evan Lee RodriguezEvan Lee RodriguezOy oldin
  • Malik wasn’t racist at all but then in them saying they’re not trying to be racist they said some really racist stuff

    Issam HamdallahIssam HamdallahOy oldin
  • Lets get worse comedians to help make Brendan funnier. But hell be still cutting thrm off

    BrandoBrandoOy oldin
  • Living in a country represented by a monarcy i laughed soooo hard at the Kardashian reference 😂 Shaun was spot on... I do t give a fxxx about My Queen. They dont do anything for the country bedises being a poster for the world... Living from My salary through taxes.... Worthless old crappy nonsense.. Just like the church

    AJ ShenanigansAJ ShenanigansOy oldin
  • Y'all should get Blake Anderson or Anders Holm on. Y'all funny af tho best podcast

    Robby PerranRobby PerranOy oldin
  • Brenda needs to chill with putting Malik down all the time. When Brenda was coming up with Rogan's crew no one put him down for being the dummy trying to keep with with their convos

    robert velascorobert velascoOy oldin
  • Send better help to go see Chris D'Elia, he aint doing so good. The ad is right, his 'friends' aren't listening to him.

    James PinkhamJames PinkhamOy oldin
  • Fakest podcast and people out there

    Stunner ManeStunner ManeOy oldin
  • Brendon and that boot licker lacey are the reason i can no longer watch this SHIT podcast, shaub was a shit fighter and a even worse stand up, WHAT are you doing Jo? your way to good for this trash.

    Arron GriffithsArron GriffithsOy oldin
  • Koy take your coat off stay a while

    Uncle BobUncle BobOy oldin
  • Feel so bad for Malik 🥺

    Yusuf CachaliaYusuf CachaliaOy oldin
  • damn bruh they hate malik or what

    will Oakeswill OakesOy oldin
  • Chris D'Elia

  • This was BRUTAL

    Meticulous SevenMeticulous SevenOy oldin
  • Yo Brendan that’s beer fest ... idiot hahah

    Matthew MoralesMatthew MoralesOy oldin
  • They go in on Malik a bit too much for my taste.

    Alejandro OrtegaAlejandro OrtegaOy oldin
  • Jo nailed it when he said Malik has no idea what he’s talking about 90% of the time lol

    Alec LiconAlec LiconOy oldin
  • Just have Jo take Brendan's spot on the pod

    Arek ParraArek ParraOy oldin
  • Bruh views are shit without Bryan. Wow

    mattshiznet smattshiznet sOy oldin
  • Malik with the og Off-White Prestos, needless to say those are fake.. He can't afford those, there are $3000.. More than his shitty car is worth..

    frockoff1frockoff1Oy oldin
  • He is not 2 nd to be king Williams sons are kings before Harry

    Mr JMr JOy oldin
  • Brendan does not want Callen back, he does want to split the revenue.. That's why he changed the set and put the two new guys pics all up on the wall.. Sneaky fuck.

    frockoff1frockoff1Oy oldin
  • Malik is the studio toilet. Everyone be shittin on him.

    Nate S.Nate S.Oy oldin
  • Brendan describes a scene from super troopers 2 then says I've never seen the second movie

    shawn sedivecshawn sedivecOy oldin
  • Bryan Callen really mentored Malik well man, people in the comments CANNOT stop talking about him.

    JuliussmoothieJuliussmoothieOy oldin
  • Still need a "stfu Malik" button on the table 😂😂😂😂

    BlakeBlakeOy oldin
  • How many times Malik’s dumb ass gonna say “love you jo”

    William HarrisWilliam HarrisOy oldin
  • Shapel doesn't even wait for the person to finish talking to start saying yeah yeah yeah.

    Aaron BenfieldAaron BenfieldOy oldin
  • Brendan making a Beerfest reference but called it Super Troopers. The force is strong with this one. The CTE force, of course.

    O HowardO HowardOy oldin
  • Jo Koy always kills it on this show :)

    Max MilesMax MilesOy oldin
  • I Still don't Accept this show without Bryan callen and NEVER will!!!

    Don HoustonDon HoustonOy oldin
  • Man to be honest if I was Malik I wouldn’t even do the podcast anymore. Not because what they say to him is that bad. More so just the fact he gets no respect from anyone. When he tries to ad something to the conversation he’s ignored. If he’s not ignored his point get roasted. I Feel bad for him honestly

    Terry EdwardsTerry EdwardsOy oldin
    • @broccoli social I don’t disagree

      Terry EdwardsTerry EdwardsOy oldin
    • I do agree with you about him getting too much shit. But something about him is "fake". I feel like people pick up on that and thats what they respond to. IMO

      broccoli socialbroccoli socialOy oldin
  • if corona virus was a boy band it would be these four

    Buy me a cheeseburgerBuy me a cheeseburgerOy oldin
  • Are all of them 4 guys gay?

    Benito FranklynBenito FranklynOy oldin
  • Anyone turn everything off when brows or brenda talk lol

    Taly CTaly COy oldin
  • No cap Malik puts on more muscle every episode but he got Brenda putting him down cuz he ain’t 200🤣

    Taly CTaly COy oldin
  • What if i told you arabs are asian

    Giovanni Collazo-CruzGiovanni Collazo-CruzOy oldin
  • 9:30 the way Jo said “I want one of those” anybody else felt a weird vibe?

    ImHamsImHamsOy oldin
  • Chapel agrees to everything Brendan says as soon as he says anything, he doesn’t wanna get roasted like Malik 😂😂😂😂

    Ricardo BahenaRicardo BahenaOy oldin
  • How dare Jo Koy use the line that Bryan Callen already STOLE from him? He shouldnt be able to ask, "which is my camera" anymore. Bryan stole that line fair and square.

    N NN NOy oldin
  • I love Malik

    Kyle KingKyle KingOy oldin
  • If Malik says dumb stuff on purpose, he’s really good at hiding it.

    Tyler PettyTyler PettyOy oldin
    • Prove it

      Doug DimmadomeDoug Dimmadome27 kun oldin
  • Brenda always has to be shitting on someone to deflect his own insecurity. used to be Bryan. now it's Malik. he's reliving his college walk on days constantly. "hope I fit in"

    MarkyMarkyOy oldin
    • Do ur homework

      D. H.D. H.27 kun oldin
    • Wrong

      D. H.D. H.27 kun oldin
    • this makes no sense

      Jason RodriguezJason Rodriguez28 kun oldin
  • That is one of the best roasts I've seen in a while. I was humiliated for him. Malik took it like a champ though. LOL

    Ram OchoaRam OchoaOy oldin
  • Malik ran out of fake laughs a min ago ... what a trooper lol

    Eric zapataEric zapataOy oldin
  • Jo Koy on another level than these guys

    Jason WarrenJason WarrenOy oldin
  • Man if only podcast ppl could get movies right

    Nate ClasenNate ClasenOy oldin
  • Piers Morgan dated Meghan?! Royal family like the Kardashians?! Harry second in line?! So much wrong my head may explode.

    andyrich2000andyrich2000Oy oldin
  • I had no idea what a flat what. Thanks for clarifying.

    TylerTylerOy oldin
  • try and buy a Mcdonalds franchise and lemme know how that goes lol all franchises are not the same

    Daniel SummersDaniel SummersOy oldin
  • Shoe cam without Jo Koy? That’s blasphemy

    Avrann MathewAvrann MathewOy oldin
  • Rip malik

    logan mcniecelogan mcnieceOy oldin
  • Malik does it to himself. He’ll say the most obvious and stupid shit. C’mon Man.

    Justin DilioJustin DilioOy oldin
  • I really hate this indonesian dude

    Tony MontanaTony MontanaOy oldin
  • My goodness this is hard to watch. Fake laughing, dead end stories and inflated ego' s. Brendan, you are better then this.

    HomemadeIndieHomemadeIndieOy oldin
  • Brendan pronounces "therapy" like Cleveland from Family Guy in the better help read and I've never been happier to sit through an ad.

    Alec KadousAlec KadousOy oldin
  • what's with brendan's mouth??

    uolou da owluolou da owlOy oldin
  • Malik has to go he is so bad any more like how can you be this damn dumb

    Drosteelers_13Drosteelers_13Oy oldin
  • So is the large table supposed to hide Brendan's huge fat chick legs? Odd choice when he likes to show off his shoes so much. If you didnt know Jo Koy or seen the show in a LONG time you'd think that's an over weight Bryan Callen with a hat.

    Kevin LightKevin LightOy oldin
  • Maliks new name has to he "Back Pedal" cuz he always goes on a rant, thinks he has something, and then get put in his place and says "you right" 😂

    wdlk12wdlk12Oy oldin
  • Breaking news Marlon Wayans is a bad person to his openers. 👀

    Matthew BoMatthew BoOy oldin
  • This just isn’t the same.

    Robert MillardRobert MillardOy oldin
  • Shoes always ugly af!!! Let’s be honest

    Derek SolomonDerek SolomonOy oldin
  • Brendan trying to make fun of Malik for doing the rave gig shows how out of touch and how his platform was spoon fed to him. He doesn't realize it actually takes hard work, uncomfortable, sketchy, low paying, no paying gigs to get your name out and build your hour. That's why his comedy special was ass.

    IsaacIsaacOy oldin
  • Fuck that start exposing these ignorant ass comics

    Wyatt WebbWyatt WebbOy oldin
  • Well i think this has run its course, 1 funny thing happens and then they spend the rest of the show wearing that thing out, wierd brenden is supposed to be a comic, and has no sense if when jokes are no longer funny, "i don't like mems any more" hasn't been funny for a month, still says it, all the time.

    Blas ChavezBlas ChavezOy oldin
  • These guys are COMPLETE assholes. I feel bad for Malik

    Folk E.Folk E.Oy oldin
  • This podcast just feels like teenagers talking and constantly interrupting. Just incoherent rambling. I miss Callen.

    Arthur MelArthur MelOy oldin
    • It’s an interruption fest. Callen is the only one actually interesting to listen to.

      Justin DilioJustin DilioOy oldin
  • hey guys did Brenda like Piers Morgan?

    Mr.StealYoGigaMr.StealYoGigaOy oldin
  • To many people talking at once quiet anonnying