The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 666

22-Mar, 2021
144 289 Ko‘rishlar soni

The guys recap Spokane and talk this weekend's trip to Miami, the Cecil Hotel, serial killers, old school Stevie Blue Eyes, Joe Biden constantly falling, father who carried his 2yr old daughter into an elephant enclosure at the San Diego Zoo, swole Mike Bibby and much more!
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  • Damn they right bad friends does smoke you guys in views and it’s not even close

    Irwin R. SchysterIrwin R. Schyster3 kun oldin

    Saúl ÁlvarezSaúl Álvarez8 kun oldin
  • Bruh on god, the clown shoe cam at the end was great.

    Tommy KillsTommy Kills8 kun oldin
  • wearing a Cubs Jersey when he hasn’t lived in Chicago a day in his life....typical Brenda

    Tommy KillsTommy Kills8 kun oldin
  • Chris delia getting more views than this show and he got canceled lol

    bigbubbano23bigbubbano2312 kun oldin
  • Waiting for Marty Mcfly to come in and order a Pepsi

    Gregg BriscoeGregg Briscoe13 kun oldin
  • This show is horse shit

    Chris8083Chris808315 kun oldin
  • Here’s a simple solution to the idiotic NCAA weight room problem. Just make a “gym” don’t separate the males and females. Boom problem fucking solved.

    Gursers14Gursers1415 kun oldin
  • Brandon changes his major every week. As well as the amount of degrees he has. Yet he is the one skeptical about other peoples education. I mean have you heard yourself speak. That alone forms enough doubt for me😂

    Andres MezaAndres Meza16 kun oldin
  • I think blue eyes was fucken ur girl Brendan 😐

    TheKreizyWiZardTheKreizyWiZard16 kun oldin
  • Errbody atheist

    JakeStaggJakeStagg17 kun oldin
  • You would've made money on that ad

    suddie parrysuddie parry17 kun oldin
  • When's the show coming to an end?

    Rudy JimenezRudy Jimenez17 kun oldin
  • Wow what a new edgey name for the show. They used a "Z" on Kidz. What brainless hacks!!!

    Charlie BrownCharlie Brown17 kun oldin
  • Satan worshippers

  • Chapel laughs like he’s in a David Dobrik blog ☠️

    Ricardo BahenaRicardo Bahena18 kun oldin
  • Open lockers

    PP18 kun oldin
  • passed on the 666 show...should have named it 665.5

    kevinLAWLESS420kevinLAWLESS42019 kun oldin
  • Stevie need to be on the pod

    Grayson HeadGrayson Head19 kun oldin
  • I hate this #

    Brandon LawrenceBrandon Lawrence20 kun oldin
  • episode 666👀

    Tyler WalkerTyler Walker20 kun oldin
  • Kettle falls Washington beautiful country up there uncle has a house right on the Columbia river

    Chicago edChicago ed20 kun oldin
  • Damn they really laugh at anything schuab says

    yaboycapone 96yaboycapone 9620 kun oldin
  • Brendan you are not allowed to wear a Cubs jersey. Thanks.

    Damon duprawDamon dupraw20 kun oldin

    Pat ZierPat Zier20 kun oldin
  • Brendan needs to stop the shapel gut joke ... that shit is not funny

    Daniel DiazDaniel Diaz20 kun oldin
  • Decided to make my 5th attempt to watch this podcast without Bryan. It’s so damn awful. I honestly don’t even see how the rest of the fan base is still here. Here out of habit maybe? Humor is subjective but damn.. this shit is a tough watch/listen.

    Chief-VOLChief-VOL20 kun oldin
  • Wow we wait 10 days to get lied to about the 666 podcast.. I'm officially done watching

    RobbRobb20 kun oldin
  • I hate to admit, but when Callen took his leave from TFATK, I basically tuned out. When Brendan released his special, and got destroyed by critique, I think it lowered my opinion of him, at least in terms of comedic prowess, or whatever. I hate to admit that, but it's true. However watching him now, he seems so comfortable, and he seems to have a very relaxed, easy-going style that is really easy to watch and like. I also think he doesn't need to be the center of attention anymore, which was something i sometimes felt in the past. I can't help rooting for him now, and I'm glad things turned out well, that he's still working on his craft, performing, getting better, and succeeding in the podcast game. I don't know why I felt I needed to comment this way, but maybe its my way of atoning for having tuned out for so long, and counting him out. I'm glad it's worked out, and I'm happy to be back!!

    Fenrisulv987Fenrisulv98720 kun oldin
  • better content on the walls then brenda swabs

    STUBB BOSSSTUBB BOSS20 kun oldin
  • Brendan definatly pays malik minimum

    Ricardo RomeRicardo Rome20 kun oldin
  • Why does brenda hate malik lol

    Ricardo RomeRicardo Rome20 kun oldin
  • Pelosi hahahaaahahaha

    Ricardo RomeRicardo Rome20 kun oldin
    • Hahahahag

      Ricardo RomeRicardo Rome20 kun oldin
  • I would NEVER let a porn star stay with my wife for 2 weeks! And yeah on the "🛋" That's crazy af friend or not. 😅

    Dallas Hoopz41Dallas Hoopz4121 kun oldin
  • They're right about Justin heard a lot about a guy I've never seen in

    Billy DanielBilly Daniel21 kun oldin
  • OJ killed Nicole Kidman? Lol

    wdlk12wdlk1221 kun oldin
  • Sorry Brendan but DeShawn Wattson is not top 5 in the NFL lmao jesus

    Rich BRich B21 kun oldin
  • Fucking liars ! They wouldn’t let you put that shit on the walls at the Cecil

    JonathanJonathan21 kun oldin
  • Pretty sure this the last week of TFATKZ mark my words

    swish831swish83121 kun oldin
  • Someone needs to go check Brendans cellar asap

    KevinKevin21 kun oldin
  • Maliks the best Hype man🤣

    Jesse TownsonJesse Townson21 kun oldin
  • So wrong about the weight room debate. I agree about the money and pay for players in the pros. But, in college, they not getting paid to play. They are getting the opportunity to play and make a living/name for themselves. They should equally get the same equipment. Now, why wouldn’t they just allow them to share the equipment since a lot of the teams are given a certain schedule to follow. The fact the gave them dumb bells over weights like the men, terrible and no way you can argue that it’s shitty.

    Jake BordelonJake Bordelon21 kun oldin
  • Fuckin new theme song slaps thats my shit 😤

    Robertico PRobertico P21 kun oldin
  • to be obessed with shoes, brendan has some of the ugliest ones made. just because they cost, dont make em boss i swear

    Lucci AllahLucci Allah21 kun oldin
  • "Those were the days, he looked like a guido tool" news flash, still is bubba

    Maverick L HMaverick L H21 kun oldin
  • nobody: Schaub: "Charles Manson wasn't actually crazy"

    Cela_azalpCela_azalp21 kun oldin
  • First time I've ever seen Brendan actually laugh at himself

    Giovanni CanasGiovanni Canas21 kun oldin
  • Who the fuck is Justin, y’all talk about this dude nonstop

    SRay77SRay7721 kun oldin
  • Who ever thought they were actually.gonna a podcast from the Cecil give thier heads a shake. That place is closed down for renovations. When chin said they arent take reservations yah thats cause noo e anserwed the phone fool.

    Sandy GillSandy Gill21 kun oldin
  • I feel like Brendan will still just face shapel side even if shapel doesn’t show up for a episode and it’s just Brendan and Malik lol i swear.

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior21 kun oldin
  • They gave you weighted palm palms 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior21 kun oldin
  • Stevie my favorite and I don’t know the guy but sleeping on Brendan couch, watching for robbers & not hitting on his FINE ASS girl is pretty respectable

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior21 kun oldin
  • Wtf i thought this was suppose to be a haunted podcast today

    Yo Itz AntYo Itz Ant21 kun oldin
  • #igotthis LMAOOO

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior21 kun oldin
  • Ppl still watch this?

    foshoitzdannyfoshoitzdanny21 kun oldin
  • The Fighter and the Listeners

    Just ParanormalJust Paranormal21 kun oldin
  • Someone needs to tell Brendan that Stevie was slinging the D to his wife lmao. He wasn’t sleeping on the couch

    M STARKSM STARKS21 kun oldin
  • They should have Trick Daddy on to explain Opa Locka to Brendan

    Matthew Willis-lawrenceMatthew Willis-lawrence21 kun oldin
  • Malik said same height? 🤦‍♂️ 💀

    Real Recognize RealReal Recognize Real21 kun oldin
  • Green Eggs, Ham 24:40

    Mo VoMo Vo21 kun oldin
  • Shapel is probably an awesome dude I just wish he was more informed

    Sobe LuvLifeSobe LuvLife21 kun oldin
  • 1:06:26 Malik being Schaub’s echo 🤣

    •21 kun oldin
  • Shapel really needs to educate himself seriously

    Sobe LuvLifeSobe LuvLife21 kun oldin
  • Brenda is as friendless as he is completely clueless. Look at his kids, look at him, tell me what conclusion you easily come to.....SPECIAL NEEDS

    Brian RobertsBrian Roberts21 kun oldin
  • Wen a big black dude says he was a cheer leader its funny man

    Super RockySuper Rocky21 kun oldin
  • Brenda doesn’t know shit about serial killers...He fucks it up every time he speaks on it...Ted Bundy didn’t kill anyone in Cleveland

    Eric HernandezEric Hernandez21 kun oldin
  • Shapel getting beat by that water bottle lol

    danny oceandanny ocean21 kun oldin
  • "masters in OJ"?? ... 04:40 "Nicole kidman's" house... Looooooool

    Olbap RabocseOlbap Rabocse21 kun oldin
  • Stevie mos def smashed Brendan’s girl 😂 dude he showed up without even telling you sheesh

    Ivan AvitiaIvan Avitia21 kun oldin
  • You can tell Brendan don’t have a daughter with some of the comments out of his mouth 🤦🏻‍♀️

    violeta gonzalezvioleta gonzalez21 kun oldin
    • I don’t get this logic. Not all women are your daughter lol

      roddy PROF.E.T.roddy PROF.E.T.21 kun oldin
  • 34:47 he slipped her the sausage

    Omar ramoOmar ramo21 kun oldin
  • Hello my Queens above 18

    Joshua AldacoJoshua Aldaco21 kun oldin
  • *HBCs have their spring break earlier than other (white) schools. Don't ask what the locals call it down there :/

    B WB W21 kun oldin
  • Poughkeepsie tapes

    Omar PartidaOmar Partida21 kun oldin
  • Steebee is the og of podcast. Dvdasa forever. Noone puts steebee in tbe corner

    Sandy GillSandy Gill21 kun oldin
  • When episode 666 comes up shorter than bobby Lee brother on king and the sting

    Ty DaviesTy Davies21 kun oldin
  • The money debate works just fine for NBA and WNBA, but the women's teams in college should have similar(not identical) facilities as their male counterparts thanks to Title IX. And a singular rack of dumbells is in no way similar to dozens of squat racks and benches.

    Jacob TuckerJacob Tucker22 kun oldin
  • Show in Spokane was a good time. Chapel Lacey, Stevie Blue Eyes, Brendan, and Malik in that order of comedy laughs. Malik is so dense in real life also I thought it was just podcast act but nope.

    Felipe RodriguezFelipe Rodriguez22 kun oldin
  • Open-Locka, Oompa-Loompa, Pop N Locka!!!

    Carlos DominguezCarlos Dominguez22 kun oldin
  • What’s your favorite subject? Communicating...

    Logan WeismanLogan Weisman22 kun oldin
  • Damn Brandon...hit them forearms bro....not proportion to your upper

    Liv2rying 5150Liv2rying 515022 kun oldin
  • Cat should not be on this show lowk adds nothing to it

    Aaron ChildsAaron Childs22 kun oldin
  • Should definitely have Stevie on

    k mayk may22 kun oldin
  • “He dated jordan sparks for a hot minute” of course kat would be into pop Culture and know that, yet not know thats not something to be proud of

    Salem 92Salem 9222 kun oldin
  • The intro song... hey, change it

    Salem 92Salem 9222 kun oldin
  • After Brendans flop attempt: Brendan:call an ambulance promo code schuab

    Mark GrantMark Grant22 kun oldin
  • This fool Malik said, “ Helter Skelter? I’ve heard of him.” 😂

    Ali AlimiAli Alimi22 kun oldin
  • Wht time did he say his picks for this weekend ? The three team parlay?

    jason gamboajason gamboa22 kun oldin
    • Threee fight parlay I mean it was Francis , o malley amd someone else

      jason gamboajason gamboa22 kun oldin
  • That kid is going to grow up to hate his dad and Hunt elephants in Africa

    Dylan PailingDylan Pailing22 kun oldin
  • This over

    C SinghC Singh22 kun oldin
  • Shoooe Caaaaammm!!👏🏽👏🏽

    PiscesXXXPiscesXXX22 kun oldin
  • Just heard the show is ending? 😈

    N̶i̶x̶N̶i̶x̶22 kun oldin
  • Loadin . . .Beast mode explodin thru episodin in five . ...

    michael mckinneymichael mckinney22 kun oldin
  • Eric little killed 93

    Daniel GalvezDaniel Galvez22 kun oldin
  • Timestamp 18:50 Thought he did come back to dentist but alarm cops set up wasnt working.. Guess I'll trust Brenda on this one lol

    Lobo1889Lobo188922 kun oldin
  • Anger problem= years of ridicule for being a male cheerleader 😂

    Louis TatumLouis Tatum22 kun oldin
  • Charles Manson was a CIA operative. 110% that’s why they were letting him out of jail everytime or most of the time not even locking him up.

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior22 kun oldin
  • She’s like I don’t believe he did it The investigator is like ma’am this Bracelet says Jane on it & has dried up blood residue all over it. Nope that’s not blood & how you know he just didn’t mess up & spelled my name with Jane. But ma’am your name is Bernice LMFAOOOO😂🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior22 kun oldin
  • Brendan - Ya i drove by OJ house..... Everyone else - WOW YOUR SUCH A DAREDEVIL

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior22 kun oldin
  • How long are we gonna pretend that Shapel doesn’t look exactly like the mom on Good Times ???😂😂😂

    SubtleTASubtleTA22 kun oldin