The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 661: Erik Griffin

5-Mar, 2021
186 172 Ko‘rishlar soni

Erik Griffin joins the crew and the guys talk getting in shape, the upcoming Workaholics movie, Erik working with Adam Sandler, his hippie boob slip story, weaponizing social media, Billie Eilish's new documentary, vampire goth turned IG model, Shaquille O'Neal performing at AEW wrestling and much more!
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  • god damn, what an episode.. the chemistry between all of you guys is crazy.. I was in tears

    Bangerang RufioBangerang Rufio21 kun oldin
  • That’s full reps common b 😂

    veruts34veruts3426 kun oldin
  • Malik can’t catch a break with Brendan, I understand ragging on him but come on when he says a funny joke you gotta atleast laugh smh.

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior27 kun oldin
  • That isnt a gym it’s an alley LMAOOOOO dead ass

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior27 kun oldin
  • Kat shut up & go post booty pics on your only fans and tell them you’re just taking feet pics smh lmaooo🤦🏽‍♂️ And yes i know because your whole only fans catalog is on Reddit lol

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge Senior27 kun oldin
  • Schaub always be hatin’ on Malik smh

    Brolin-Duke KawewehiBrolin-Duke Kawewehi28 kun oldin
  • Omg Cat! Lumps in breast does NOT necessarily mean cancer. Many people have lumps doesn’t mean a malignancy. Stop stating your point of view as fact. Brendon is the worst at this. The amount of misinformation on this podcast is mind numbing!

    Shrute FarmsShrute FarmsOy oldin
  • i don't understand this notion that everyone older was racist, sexist and phobic when they mocked everyone no matter the holy victim group status - don't throw the elderly under the bus to make a point that you don't like stereotypes - if the stereotypes are offensive then some truth must be present logically otherwise you wouldn't know who or what they are joking about - and yes it was a joke lets not pretend these where statements by the elderly - they just spoke truth no ones moving to the middle east so you too must be racists by that logic - criticize everyone they wont be offended if its not true

    Dave HDave HOy oldin
  • Lumps on a breast don’t always = cancer.

    Alexander SupertrampAlexander SupertrampOy oldin
  • This was an Erik griffin and shapel podcast with Brendon as a guest

    Martin WilliamsMartin WilliamsOy oldin
  • Wow this show took a dive

    Billy Bust InsideBilly Bust InsideOy oldin
  • Chappelle just be repeating shit like he proved a point 🙄

    5arratia5arratiaOy oldin
  • Win

    BiII GatesBiII GatesOy oldin
  • Win

    BiII GatesBiII GatesOy oldin
  • Griffin is hilarious

    ko_14ko_14Oy oldin
  • “Can’t put the toothpaste back in the bottle” - Brenden Schaub

    Sean E CashSean E CashOy oldin
  • Griffin is a underrated podcaster fr he got great conversation & funny without trying too hard

    Max PMax POy oldin
  • If that Meghan lady is black, so is Erik Griffin

    Luke GrotheLuke GrotheOy oldin
  • Did cat leave the show?

    Nostalgia VomitNostalgia VomitOy oldin
  • I think Malik feels left out of Zoo Culture gym talk that he’s repping the sweatshirt now lol

    Dylan CallDylan CallOy oldin
  • Poop dollaaaarrrr!!!

    Cesar CastilloCesar CastilloOy oldin
  • Love Erik. Great combo with you 4. Capitol riot did not kill 5 people.

    Nicholas SnavelyNicholas SnavelyOy oldin
  • Eventually Brendan will replace himself with an Asian, and the transition will be complete. Lmao. I love these fucking guys.

    Lincoln ChurlishLincoln ChurlishOy oldin
  • can't say "we" in reference to being a comedian. Like you're some OG that's understands the intricacies of being a comedian. You too Brendan.

    On_Another_LevelOn_Another_LevelOy oldin
  • Man everytime I tried to come back to this podcast to check it out they're always talking about or working out doing squats 🤦🏼‍♂️ I only tuned in cuz Griffin was on. I seriously could only watch 15 mins

    Barry AndresBarry AndresOy oldin
  • comics take themselves way too seriously. they havent changed anything

    KenKenOy oldin
  • I don’t think the majority of these people are really hurt or offended though ...they just want attention playing the victim is new way to get the attention and fame which is what most people want today and the media want content and stories so they support this bs

    bridget casseauxbridget casseauxOy oldin
  • If Rogan said those reps were legit Schaub would've changed his stance real quick! 😂

    Knife2MeetYouKnife2MeetYouOy oldin
  • I forgot I found erik from workaholics

    Eyan WiggsEyan WiggsOy oldin
  • 6:00 pm 8:45 Miiiiiiiiiiiiiidniiiiiiiiight 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Jonathan GuevaraJonathan GuevaraOy oldin
  • Make this Riffin with the kids or something. Eric is hilarious.

    DVC SDDVC SDOy oldin
  • People hatin on ticc boy are the ones listening to all of his podcasts

    Pascal SterkeboerPascal SterkeboerOy oldin
  • I always come out ANNOYED whenever ERICA is on a podcast i listen too. Its always bitching non stop about something and always me me me bs

    82PeRK82PeRKOy oldin
  • I think the fighter and the kids could be insanely popular if Brian was added back it would be a four-man podcast on the days without guests and then five man podcast on the days with gas and I think that would still work to the to the algorithm of UZworld

    Hayden RingHayden RingOy oldin
  • Griffin always is a good listen

    Rich GoldenRich GoldenOy oldin
  • LeBron sucks!!!! Nobody is better than Jordan. He wants to be like Mike, why not do your own movie oh cause you wanna be like Mike 😂

    Fernando SalazarFernando SalazarOy oldin
  • All these tards are making it hard for the working average people, we ain't the same so don't act like it. Griffen is dangerous being black saying being healthy is dangerous? This is a tard statement

    Nathan HudsonNathan HudsonOy oldin
  • Eric fucking kilt it 😂😂

    Fernando SalazarFernando SalazarOy oldin
  • Brendan is so jealous of malik

    Roland Special SauceRoland Special SauceOy oldin
  • Lol Brendan loves the worst shit, i hate every single show he is in to. Billie eyelash is for tweeners, not adults. Horrible music by the way, grammys emmys all mean nothing anymore, Cuomo won an emmy for gods sake.

    Blas ChavezBlas ChavezOy oldin
  • That Billy girl doesn't sing, she whisper sings, she is like kesha, talking basic lyrics to music. Her brother has the talent, she is just a pretty face. But hey good for her, she rich

    Blas ChavezBlas ChavezOy oldin
  • Erik is dope very smart dude as well. And he’s I’ll with the stix.

    FeaSt The StoicFeaSt The StoicOy oldin
  • Erik somehow makes this podcast less "black"

    Elliot GaleanaElliot GaleanaOy oldin
  • L.A is a spot. Open more

    Michael MilliganMichael MilliganOy oldin
  • On the make a green city moment...spoiler alert 3 2 1. Garden of Eden remodel. Great catch

    Michael MilliganMichael MilliganOy oldin
  • 1:18:15 👀 Malik's face says it all...Brendan always hating.

    Chizobam OkekeChizobam OkekeOy oldin
  • Those bench press reps were legit, you don't have to touch your chest when benching. A couple inches from your chest is perfectly fine. If anything you shouldn't be bouncing it off your chest for momentum.

    G-SteelaG-SteelaOy oldin
  • I’ve had enough of this set. It’s alright... but when the real kid, Bobby, anyone. It’s hurting you, we can’t see the physical things that emphasize the jokes. Nothing but love

    evan blairevan blairOy oldin
  • Griffin should be full time

    mysterymysteryOy oldin
  • Montez about to do all the snow with that shnose

    Elijah BegleyElijah BegleyOy oldin
  • Why does Brendan have to be such an ass to Malik. So disrespectful.

    Zac ChaponZac ChaponOy oldin
  • Jeezus... Brendan is such a dbag... Bring Bobby Lee on to rip him a new one.

    Shaun LemafaShaun LemafaOy oldin
    • Na let him come back with the shoe! 👟🤣

      Jonathan GuevaraJonathan GuevaraOy oldin

    Ryan VogelRyan VogelOy oldin
  • Griffin low key fuckin hilarious

    Dan ReidingerDan ReidingerOy oldin
  • Fuq hius poolitical stance. All podcast that he show up starting good then he is jumping on some stupid shit defending his "side"...

    FlexStudioPLFlexStudioPLOy oldin
  • I can’t stand the way he talks. Why does he talk like that? Is that like his “thing?” Very weird and annoying. Sorry just my opinion. Prob the only person I don’t like to watch because of the way he is talking. I get my shirt today!! “Get that Hitter” shirt from mr. theo Von!! Can’t wait

    A A RONA A RONOy oldin
  • Anyone know what's up with Brendan and Malik? Malik barely talks and when he doesn't Brendan is on him

    Jonathan HJonathan HOy oldin
  • More Erik aka fat black (Tiger Belly) love from other podcasts. I wanna see this man shine.

    Viewtiful WoeViewtiful WoeOy oldin
  • If Erik can do it I can do it. In his 40s in love with denim and his health, it’s touching.

    DurtySlugDurtySlugOy oldin
  • Brendan is a hater. Someone 190lbs repping 225 10 times is very very good. I don’t know what Brendan is talking about.

    William HarrisWilliam HarrisOy oldin
  • BOOOOOOOO...Erik Griffin is not funny, hence the small following after all these years....This podcast sucks now...PEACE OUT

    David McTurdDavid McTurdOy oldin
  • Erik is hilarious! Great episodes!

    Stefano ManiscalcoStefano ManiscalcoOy oldin
  • How come no one has mentioned agent provocateurs!! I can 100% see the left doing that so trump cant run again. I also relize most people are dumb. I expected rogan to mention it hes aleays talking aboit how its a known tactic to shut down peaceful demonstrations. My mom Was there and sent me a bunch of pictures before the chaos. Obviously people are stupid and upset and could easily be swayed with mob mentality. I could be wrong but if I had the power to send in some undercover agents dress like everyone else to rile everyone up so trump would look so bad he couldn't run again I would definitely do that

    Big Chris with a tiny pieceBig Chris with a tiny pieceOy oldin
  • Holy fuck I haven't watched since Bryan left but seen Griffen so had to have a listen.. The fighter and the kidz wtff 🤯

    ZRO FUXZRO FUXOy oldin
  • Dope hat brendan

    Xxx XxxXxx XxxOy oldin
  • You would think Malik slept with Brendan’s girl the way Brendan treats him on every podcast 🤣🤣

    GoonGoonOy oldin
  • Glad Erik's in the house. Sweet!

    Robin BuglioRobin BuglioOy oldin
  • EG is underrated

    Matt DMatt DOy oldin
  • Brendan swears hes a gym expert

    Nick GarciaNick GarciaOy oldin
  • Fake news lol i'm short , fat out of shape had covid and covid didn't do shit but get me 2 weeks off work paid lol i can't wait for that next strain daddy needs some more time off lol

    The 1The 1Oy oldin
  • 58:05 .....Brenda makes a comment about Malik ,like always he does and it’s negative.but he says it’s easier to bench press and not bouncy the bar off your chest..the proper way to bench press is to come down about 6 inches above your chest.having the control and form is waaaay waaaay harder then just letting it come down to your chest and get that bounce..slow and steady with proper form 6 inches above your chest is the correct way to bench press ..try that once and you will know 100% that it’s harder to stop right before your chest with the bar

    GetYourGameOnGetYourGameOnOy oldin
  • You almost lost views with that insanely gross gloved, belted not one rep “bench press” clip. Stick to boxing my dude

    savage baileysavage baileyOy oldin
  • tell me the reaction that Katt had after Brendan said Billie illiesh had a black boyfriend she almost reacted as if it was such a terrible thing that the boyfriend was black..u listen to it and tell me that wasn’t racist as fuck..and I love how everyone pretended like that didn’t happen ...unreal

    GetYourGameOnGetYourGameOnOy oldin
    • Omg. Find something to do with your time.

      Shrute FarmsShrute FarmsOy oldin
  • 1.09. Erics real voice its not official

    Christian joel StraightChristian joel StraightOy oldin
  • Erik thinks he's funny... and he's not... he just talks lut his fat asd

    Steve SchmidtSteve SchmidtOy oldin
  • Nice logic guys let's shit on Trump because he was Defending Your Right basically to have freedom of speech and stay employed and have a podcast but when it comes to quomo and his sexual crimes yeah let's defend him and let's not talk about the people at least killed you guys have lost your mind

  • Cry me a river Erik....

    Steve SchmidtSteve SchmidtOy oldin
  • Erik's great

    Nathan MateerNathan MateerOy oldin
  • Chapelle really drank his water with his pinky out damn.

    Jeremy MorleyJeremy MorleyOy oldin
  • How is it nobody is realizing all brenda's doing is reapeting jokes from callen, theo and whatever rogan says

    Mahdi kMahdi kOy oldin
  • Erik a real ass dude that made it u can tell on his world views shoutout from another mixed dude we see the world different lol

    Curtis WoodCurtis WoodOy oldin
  • Brendan shapes y’all awesome great show malik- if ur sick stay home

    Michael BurnheartMichael BurnheartOy oldin
  • Nobody laughs harder at Erik Griffen then Erik Griffen

    KevinKevinOy oldin
  • Promotes Raycons, wears AirPods in What’s up lol

    Brian LandeckBrian LandeckOy oldin
  • wait the man didnt catch the bby , 🤔 so idk what this false information is

    6 God6 GodOy oldin
  • Schaub looks like the mechanic who you have to get a restraining order on because your wife took her car in and that’s all it took for the stalking to begin

    Not Bill GatesNot Bill GatesOy oldin
  • this is sad

    Joe YeomanJoe YeomanOy oldin
  • You all watch this and just shit on Brendon all day, thjnk yall are obsessed

    Corney GeezCorney GeezOy oldin
  • when callen coming back 😓

    6 God6 GodOy oldin
  • One dislike for Brenda x

    attracted to the metal like magnetoattracted to the metal like magnetoOy oldin
  • Bring Callen back

  • RIP real TFAK. this is trash

    Brayan Garcia RicoBrayan Garcia RicoOy oldin
  • Erik should be in here weekly. He really vibes well with these dudes

    John BJohn BOy oldin
  • Hearing brenda talking about the bench press just made me feel sad for his tiny brain man

    TheNightsquirellTheNightsquirellOy oldin
  • 7:26 that pinky doe.

    ObiPwnShinobiObiPwnShinobiOy oldin
  • brendan lemme finish everyones sentences schwabb

    Jonathan SokoJonathan SokoOy oldin
  • I've had that exact titty situation happen to me and did the same as Erik. Looked kinda up and away and "ermm...your erm...your boob feel out". How she didn't know is crazy cos it was for sure not some hippy titty

    AdamDrakeDidItAdamDrakeDidItOy oldin
  • "Hippy tippy." Mate get off that opioid posing as Kratom

    AdamDrakeDidItAdamDrakeDidItOy oldin
  • malik is wack

    unclesandalsunclesandalsOy oldin
  • How low does your social IQ has to be to interrupt one of the funniest people on earth just to drop your regular spoilers? He literally spoils the entire documentary. Who does that!?

    Goran GalićGoran GalićOy oldin