The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 658: Bryan Callen

24-Fev, 2021
420 372 Ko‘rishlar soni

The weathered worm is back! The guys talk open relationships, the Silk Road and dark web, Menace to Society, TikTok stars, Andrew Schulz calling out Wrinks, Tiger Woods' accident, Columbia University professor who snorts heroin, Pakistani rollerblading cops, suggestive snow sculptures and much more!
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  • THE Kid is way better than those new kids...

    Totmes IIITotmes IIIKun oldin
  • think all podcasts need the trap intro

    Crendy BendyCrendy Bendy2 kun oldin
  • why have all these guys watched mean girls? says a lot about them

    3D AL3D AL3 kun oldin
  • So happy to see the kid back where he belongs

    Daniel McGlynnDaniel McGlynn4 kun oldin
  • Vanessa asked if people could not cuz it’s so recent, she didn’t demand shit Brenda. How tf do you say stay off social media just cuz her husband and daughter died . Lol ur a certified clown

    Mac JamesMac James6 kun oldin
  • Scaubzzz facial expressions when callen walked it sez it all haha, thiic boi salty riding the D!!!

    DudeOrdinaryDudeOrdinary9 kun oldin
  • I legit only watch this show when Bryan Callen is disrespect to the cast, but Bryan Callen made this show for me personally! Please bring him on more!

    Nick SinzNick Sinz12 kun oldin
  • That man dragon b.s is just so fucking embarrassingly stupid and not funny!!!!! Man what would make him wanna do that stupid ass bullshit especially in public like that. I like Bryan 28% less now no joke.

    It’s AubryIt’s Aubry12 kun oldin
  • 13:30 Callen droppin' knowledge

    Mista DevMista Dev12 kun oldin
  • First episode I’ve watched since he’s been gone, not watching without him.

    Jack SunderlandJack Sunderland13 kun oldin
  • Why didn't you guys mention how democrats(like Biden), made those terrible drug laws, that disproportionately punished the black community?

    Ryan SchultzRyan Schultz16 kun oldin
  • @30:10 man schaub takes every opportunity to talk shit about athletes/actors doing juice and looking better than him. As if its solely the juice that makes them look that way. And if he hopped on a cycle he'd look just like them. Schaub needs a reality check. Deep down I think he knows he wouldn't look much better if he used juice. Hence why he hasn't done it yet. He has tons of cash, resources, and lives in California. Theres literally hundreds of doctors who would love to "sponsor" him with their HRT clinics.

    Vanilla GorillaVanilla Gorilla18 kun oldin
  • Schaub whitesplaining systemic racism w/ crack to his cohosts is just... precious

    Andrew KangAndrew Kang19 kun oldin
    • Like they don’t know already....because Brendan came from a rough background 😑

      El TRONadoEl TRONado8 kun oldin
  • Is that Eric Griffin, 3rd from the left with the hat?

    TheEmzleyTheEmzley20 kun oldin
  • Show isn't lasting... they're just trying to hang on to the $$$.

    Chief AdamChief Adam21 kun oldin
  • Callen on these shoes were essential... “man dragon at full wing span”

    Nick LugonesNick Lugones23 kun oldin
  • I tried to watch again due to the guess ... But 10min i when my blk kings said they started talking smh 🤦‍♀️

    Yvonne ChapmanYvonne Chapman24 kun oldin
  • Bryan is innocent and a good man. Cancel culture mob are fascist scumbags

    bonkerzisgoodbonkerzisgood24 kun oldin
  • It's actually the best with the four of them

    bonkerzisgoodbonkerzisgood25 kun oldin
  • “His concept I vibed with it I fuck with it” Yea Brandon shouldn’t be a podcaster lmaooooo

    TheonlypinkyTheonlypinky26 kun oldin
  • Finally the funny part of tfatk returned!!

    TheonlypinkyTheonlypinky26 kun oldin
  • Never thought one day id be un-subscribing. I literally dont even know why callen left the show, but wow this show sucks dick now

    Nick SNick S27 kun oldin
  • I love how Schaub is realizing that Bryan is the soul of the show. He always thought he was the draw, and now the numbers and comments are smashing those illusions. Cognitive dissonance muh babies 👶

    Samuel PatrickSamuel Patrick27 kun oldin
  • Callen ya wrinks..govt can seed clouds etc.snow melts doesn't burn and not drip h2o

    ricky becklundricky becklund27 kun oldin
  • The fake laughter at times is the only thing I’m not digging on this show.

    Adam RandlesAdam Randles29 kun oldin
  • The numbers on the 2 Callen episodes vs every other one since he left are STAGGERING! They tell a story... bring Callen back!!

    jordan claytonjordan clayton29 kun oldin
  • Show sucked before, and it still sucks now.

    Ty CopemanTy CopemanOy oldin
  • the old man brings the views. obv schwab is not the drawl he thought he was

    dimsum losedimsum loseOy oldin
  • We need Bill Nye the science to explain the snow.

    Martin Carbine_Man4Martin Carbine_Man4Oy oldin
  • CAT IS FIT NOW.. wow.. she cute.

    Chris DucharmeChris DucharmeOy oldin
  • 20:00 ... keep in mind some of those cops dealing with Ross Ulbricht went to jail for curruption as well.

    Chris DucharmeChris DucharmeOy oldin
  • BRIAN NEEDS to start 10 different kinds of podcast shows .. he needs to do some collabs and an mma show and a history show and a comedy show... B's stock is through the roof.. everthing he's touching right now gets Hundreds of thousans of views..

    Chris DucharmeChris DucharmeOy oldin
  • I think I speak for everyone , F cancel culture 🙃🙃 let’s normalize get the facts right first!!

    llulian vargasllulian vargasOy oldin
  • Brandon explaining the disparity of crack convictions vs cocaine to Chapelle is something else

    JdaeggerJdaeggerOy oldin
  • Brendan schaub,will U ever be funny?

    Mateo CesljarMateo CesljarOy oldin
  • The dude shaub is talking about with silk road was not charged with murder for hire as far as i know those charges weren't even read in. He was given 2 life sentances plus 40 years for drugs charges.

    John DoeJohn DoeOy oldin
    • Even the dude that he supposedly got killed where they faked his death is a big supporter of getting him released from prison.

      John DoeJohn DoeOy oldin
  • Here for Callen.

    iMaajidiMaajidOy oldin
  • This intro is tragic

    Landon BrownLandon BrownOy oldin
  • 1:12:45 yeah Travis Scott’s music is ‘different’ but Kid Cudi was really the one who inspired Travis Scott to make that type of music

    Micah LMicah LOy oldin
  • Have you noticed this show has become more wokeaniod then ever.

    C P BC P BOy oldin
  • you need Callen Brandon

    Daniel the LionDaniel the LionOy oldin
  • Im back cause Bryan is. Hell yes.

    C P BC P BOy oldin
  • one of these guys is on roids. Guess which one

    captain crunchcaptain crunchOy oldin
  • White people do have feelings about their family members dating black people, but let's not discount the feelings black families have towards family members dating white people. Especially white women.

    A PA POy oldin
    • Don’t even get me started on Asian parents

      C P BC P BOy oldin
  • Virginia Beach sucks

    A PA POy oldin
    • @Sebastian Zevallos go for it! It's really dirty, but has it's ups too.

      A PA P28 kun oldin
    • I lived in Springfield my whole life I’m tryna get out and move there

      Sebastian ZevallosSebastian Zevallos29 kun oldin
  • 1:31:10 Brian: Do you still do Kratum? Chin: Everyday Brian:How much do you take? Chin: i don't even know Brian: Have you upped you're dosage? Chin: no its always been the same WHAT how has its always been the same if you dont know how fucking much you are taking CHIN?!?!?!

    JuliussmoothieJuliussmoothieOy oldin
  • You will only get Big Boy numbers when Bryan is on.

    Old JoeOld JoeOy oldin
  • Does anyone know the longest Makek actually stops looking at his phone?

    Robert ClarkRobert ClarkOy oldin
  • Me and fifty other people did the same thing with fire and the snow and not one person was able to melt their snow and it turned black, looked and smelled slightly like a plastic material.

    michael mckinneymichael mckinneyOy oldin
    • It’s chemistry and air temperature. Take the snow ball inside to room temp for a few and ty again.

      C P BC P BOy oldin
  • S’informative ❤️

    Badd CheetaBadd CheetaOy oldin
  • More Callen! Please!

    Jeremy LewisJeremy LewisOy oldin
  • bryan is an idiot. It's called cloud seeding. Fake snow comes from cloud seeding

    Ask QuestionsAsk QuestionsOy oldin
  • Will someone loop this intro into a song for me.

    Tyler NestorTyler NestorOy oldin
  • Only watching the episodes with Bryan on it.

    The OneThe OneOy oldin
  • Callen should be cancelled for calling conspiracy theories rooting back to old school Nazis talk. He's desperate for establishment approval

    J DizzJ DizzOy oldin
  • Bryans’ man dragon impression hahahahah

    Dayle BoyleDayle BoyleOy oldin
  • Just wanted to post Brendan Big Hating when they showed Maliks commercial. Salty much Brendan???

    Y92JY92JOy oldin
  • AND IM BACK! Show just wasn't the same without BC ♥️

    Meticulous SevenMeticulous SevenOy oldin
  • Bryan still has rights to the show. She should demand they get rid of the ridiculous 1950's diner bullshit. Seriously, Brendan wtf were you on when you had this grand vision for the show??

    RichyRichRichyRichOy oldin
  • wow this 1 got 3.5x the views, take a hint and bring back bryan

    Adam GriffinAdam GriffinOy oldin
  • This is weird

    Remote ImagingRemote ImagingOy oldin
  • Glad to see Brian back, hopefully he stays around, You literally cant have the fighter and the kid without the kid. Never should have had to leave

    GrizzlyBarrowsGrizzlyBarrowsOy oldin
  • I fucking love Bryan Callen

  • If Bryan ain't back to stay neither am i....... This "show" is so fucking cringe without him ! Who the hell wants to watch or listen to 3 Mediocre (at best) comedians struggle to put a single joke for an hour? Just know this FAT PATRICK, sweet tart tart'n is the only reason u are where you are.

    Raw ElfRaw ElfOy oldin
  • Brendan had Bryan fuk the seizures out of TIGER

    synthWizkidsynthWizkidOy oldin
  • Hey Brendan.... I know you wouldn’t understand but...... how about just let Bryan be funny...

    Matty TurnbullMatty TurnbullOy oldin
  • Damn man. Brendan gets worse and worse with stepping on everyone’s jokes

    Gmen pgGmen pgOy oldin
  • Tic toc is just ten yr olds w smart phones watching people w no skill sets

    19Burgandy19BurgandyOy oldin
  • The CTE kid needs to listen instead of intterupting EveryONE

    19Burgandy19BurgandyOy oldin
  • This podcast is breaking stereotypes..the accused rapist is not the fighter or the two black progressive.

    yew 2oobyew 2oobOy oldin
  • Notice how the Callen episodes get x3 views

    laurenlaurenOy oldin
  • Gotta keep all 4 you guys together it’s amazing

    Ed GiammatteiEd GiammatteiOy oldin
  • schaub is the worst

    Sir BlumpkinSir BlumpkinOy oldin
  • Kratom is crazy!! It really does make you feel the same as opioids!

    Keith BonneyKeith BonneyOy oldin
  • Schaub is the real Bit Killer Jones.

    A WesleyA WesleyOy oldin
  • IT HAS BEEN PROVEN THE CIA ALLOWED CRACK TO BE FUNNELED INTO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ! period ... not even a question... to help pay the contra bullshit at the very same time Reagan's wife was screaming , just say no ... IT IS A FACT !

    Scott ReedScott ReedOy oldin
  • Lmao its funny how the videos that do the best are the ones with Wrinks? Imagine going to see destinys child without beyonce?

    Orion FunnyMakerOrion FunnyMakerOy oldin
  • Yessssss

    Logan collverLogan collverOy oldin
  • Brendan is such a tool. "Is not gonna stick", stfu

    P. GanleyP. GanleyOy oldin
  • Callen is like the creepy uncle who's hanging out with his nephews' friends here

    Justin MiretJustin MiretOy oldin
  • Zero Dark Dirty😭😭😭

    Tague FrizzellTague FrizzellOy oldin
  • Salute to Bryan #BigDickBandits

    youngjway123youngjway123Oy oldin
  • We want full time Callen, and him in intro

    Rob DRob DOy oldin
  • Surprised nobody talking about how governments have implemented weather warfare for decades.

    afriesen14afriesen14Oy oldin
  • TFATK is nothing without the Kid

    SneintzvilleSneintzvilleOy oldin
  • the hate and jealousy Brenda has for just wow

    Tom SeriousTom SeriousOy oldin
  • Callen is so insecure about his body for literally no reason, it's crazy to me

    Dan BDan BOy oldin
  • Wtf, Brendan is funny now??

    Dan BDan BOy oldin
  • Brendan looking like he was caught with his hand in the cookie Jay when Bryan "Daddy" Callen walked in

    Dan BDan BOy oldin
  • dont forget the CIA pumped tons of cocaine into south central LA to fund the war in nicaragua.

    The LEGO LemonThe LEGO LemonOy oldin
  • alot of its getting taken out but "its barely makin a dent" subtle chris d'leeyahh reference 🤮🤯

    EEOy oldin
  • The mule bit should be a skit on Fighter and The Kid 3D sequel

    Nele ZahirovicNele ZahirovicOy oldin
  • #BringBackTheRedChairs

    cakeballcakeballOy oldin
  • snow is ice. ice will melt at 32 degrees F. hold the lighter to the snow long enough it will melt..

    SapzySapzyOy oldin
  • The views literally double when Wrinkz is back 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

    Jobey_BJobey_BOy oldin
  • Just make Bryan a guest every episode

    FortFortOy oldin
  • I love Brian , but he looks like he aged 10 years. From this bullshit

    Shaughnessy FraserShaughnessy FraserOy oldin
  • As a guy who was in Dallas during the Snowpacalypse idk wtf these people were burning but I boiled at LEAST 50 pots of snow over 3 days in order to flush our toilets lol and the snow definitely melted into flushable water

    Texans TryTexans TryOy oldin
  • Virginia Beach native 💯

    Adam GiordanoAdam GiordanoOy oldin