The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 655: Bryan Callen

17-Fev, 2021
681 542 Ko‘rishlar soni

Wrinks is back! The guys catch up on life and talk conspiracy theories, web sleuths, Bryan running for governor, Jon Jones at heavyweight, Tim Kennedy, Sam Tripoli, Steve Byrne, adderall, boxing, Dana White/Gina Carano controversy, Bryan's shark attack sighting and much more!
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  • A friend who you dropped in a second when he had a problem. I prefer Bryans private podcast...

    British Comedy Intellectual Artist PodcastBritish Comedy Intellectual Artist Podcast2 kun oldin
  • All those shoes look like shit

    Elliott JamesElliott James5 kun oldin
  • I dont think anyone thinks the Cia did 911🤔 its more like its funded by elite and then allowed to happen for gain.

    Elliott JamesElliott James5 kun oldin
  • Brendan isn't allowed to talk to him doe

    Elliott JamesElliott James5 kun oldin
  • it's a shame they never learn about talking over each other, this was awful!

    JoAnne O'ReillyJoAnne O'Reilly7 kun oldin

    Saúl ÁlvarezSaúl Álvarez7 kun oldin
  • What sort of weird alternative reality did I wake up in?

    DeadManPropDeadManProp9 kun oldin
  • This is both better and worse than the old tfatk

    Peter RobertsonPeter Robertson10 kun oldin
  • It's time to fire the Temps and bring callen back

    MraintfcknyouMraintfcknyou11 kun oldin
  • there's very few people in the world that can stay and stay telling stupid stories for ages , like callen ! LOL

    Pedro StromPedro Strom11 kun oldin
  • Bring him back!!! Shits not the same

    Stephen CStephen C12 kun oldin
  • Axe Jay

    D̷a̷m̷o̷n̷ ̷ J̷u̷d̷e̷D̷a̷m̷o̷n̷ ̷ J̷u̷d̷e̷12 kun oldin
  • Get those two jabronis out of the room and let Tfatk fucking do their thing jesus.

    shizbangshizbang12 kun oldin
  • If you look at the difference between views of when Bryan is on the show vs when he's not. Big DIFF!!!

    zachariashb orkastratorzachariashb orkastrator14 kun oldin
  • I think it's fairly obvious now that most people in positions of power are pursuing nefarious outcomes! Smh.

    Ryan SchultzRyan Schultz15 kun oldin
  • Callen and Delia should’ve been on the 666 episode

    Jose FonsecaJose Fonseca15 kun oldin
  • Imagine Chris Delia and Bryan Callen on this show again

    Chad CheneyChad Cheney16 kun oldin
  • Please bring back the OG show. Then make a 3rd show, Fighter and the Other Guys

    Rock the GrouchRock the Grouch16 kun oldin
  • Bryan "the hard carry" is back

    WhoriannaWhorianna16 kun oldin
  • classic callen, 79ad was 2500 years ago ladies and gentlemen. no brian, it wasnt.

    Denn McambleyDenn Mcambley17 kun oldin
  • chin still as good at his job as ever i see.

    Denn McambleyDenn Mcambley17 kun oldin
  • Bryan Callen is so fuckin funny, Really enjoyed this

    Abun DanceAbun Dance22 kun oldin
  • Glad to see bryan back on the show, I haven't had a good laugh in a while

    LDG 508LDG 50823 kun oldin
  • We've had some bad pr recently, lets get skme black people of the show

    Zballer45 JZballer45 J23 kun oldin
  • The fighter and the KIDZ???? Wtf is this? Fuck those show. It used to be fire af with ol bry bry.

    Rohay RohayRohay Rohay24 kun oldin
  • Bryan i have missed you ..WE have missed you. ..TFATK I looked forward to every week and I feel like we went thru an ugly break up

    Average JoeAverage Joe25 kun oldin
  • Brendan bringing up other people bombing in stand-up speaks volumes of how insecure he is about his own standup

    Mcdonald's Big MacMcdonald's Big Mac25 kun oldin
  • Conspiracy theories are how idiots try to convince themselves that they're smarter than everybody else

    Mcdonald's Big MacMcdonald's Big Mac25 kun oldin
  • Solar panels on cars need to be able to generate more power than the car/van ca use up. Hopefully well see that one day. >=)

    ChronicUSAChronicUSA26 kun oldin
  • I am so done with joggers

    Vh JulVh Jul26 kun oldin
  • Kats on OnlyFans? Da fuq

    Raw DawgRaw Dawg27 kun oldin
  • I haven’t watched an episode since Brian left. Fuck you shaub

    C MoneyC Money27 kun oldin
  • This show can jog on without Bryan

    Ryan AlexanderRyan Alexander28 kun oldin
  • Just coming back because callen is back but not knowing jimmy jj walker is crazy, everyone in that room knew who he is except for brendan and he says he's a stand up comic wow

    dayvee1000dayvee100029 kun oldin
  • Mannn i miss Brian Colon on this show

    Calvin SinghCalvin Singh29 kun oldin
  • Either bring Bryan back permanently or I refuse to watch. Cheers

    Marc ShieldsMarc ShieldsOy oldin
  • Callen and delia are both back now

    Chase LinderChase LinderOy oldin
  • is it just me or are Malik and shapel just straight up not funny, all they do is laugh. I think they may have the meaning of comedy confused.

    KadoKadoOy oldin
  • Yes. Callen is a must for this show. Its been going downhill since Callen stepped away. Hope he comes back regularly.

    Dan GreenmanDan GreenmanOy oldin
  • Omg Brendan just Bastardized the fuck out of this. Wow. Embarrassing.

    GibbonyGibbonyOy oldin
  • My first time back since Callen received a dent.

    jordan claytonjordan claytonOy oldin
  • How is 79AD 2500 years ago?

    Sandor CleganeSandor CleganeOy oldin
  • Holy shit this episode was so good... this needs to be a permanent line-up, all six of y'all killed it!

    stillcoldstillcoldOy oldin
  • Joe buck is awful at baseball

    ThotGodRyanThotGodRyanOy oldin
  • new format, all videos dont jump above 150k. With Callen 500k+

    Fuad JamaFuad JamaOy oldin
  • This used to be my favorite podcast then Bryan left and this is my first episode back

    SpoofzSpoofzOy oldin
  • The only episode ive seen since hes left....

    Bobby BrownBobby BrownOy oldin
  • Only took Papa Callen 20min to call out the fake Rolex. I fucking love it!!!

    Joseph HoganJoseph HoganOy oldin
  • no thanks, its over

    AugustusAugustusOy oldin
  • I remember Shapel used to test Schaub in podcasts thinking he overpowers him, until that one day he tried to wrestle Schaub and he tapped himself lol.

    Richard MooreRichard MooreOy oldin
  • Callen would thrive with the Flagrant crew.

    Richard MooreRichard MooreOy oldin
  • It's like driving by your childhood home and seeing other people living in it.

    Richard MooreRichard MooreOy oldin
  • I didn't realize Bryan was gone.

    chewsirchewsirOy oldin
  • Time to boycott the sponsors that boycotted Bryan

    Reddit2 YoutuberReddit2 YoutuberOy oldin
  • Wtf I have been gone for a while and didn't know he was gone and if he's gone I'll never watch TFATK again!

    D DD DOy oldin
  • Why apologize for the bee bop boop thing either? Stop letting retarded people control language. Let's not change life for a margin of a percent of our population 🙄

    zack edwardszack edwardsOy oldin
  • Chappell and the other weasel ruin the vibe by laughing way too loud to even hear the rest of the joke

    dillon durandillon duranOy oldin
  • 15:30

    mark mmark mOy oldin
  • #bring_bryan_back_2021

    MasterEliminationMasterEliminationOy oldin
  • Please fire kat

    Dylan LeBlancDylan LeBlancOy oldin
  • BBC bring back Callen

    Calvin JoseyCalvin JoseyOy oldin
  • Schaub really was the weakest link.

    Seth VSeth VOy oldin
  • wow time to end this fucking pod cast to many voices and politics good fucking grief already good bye

    Troy GriffithsTroy GriffithsOy oldin
  • Callen does know his ass from his nose sometimes jesus fucking christ what the the fucka already

    Troy GriffithsTroy GriffithsOy oldin
  • I wouldn't have gone if I were Bryan

    Tonosi 02Tonosi 02Oy oldin
  • the new show blows get rid of those two

    dalexkomdalexkomOy oldin
  • Callen comes back nearly 700k views as of this comment, funny how that works

    Groove GamerGroove GamerOy oldin
  • Just keep all four of them on the show, change the name and you'll have 250k views per episode at least. This is a reflection of what America looks like. btw I'm in wichita kansas, yes, that's what America looks like here too dumbasses

    Sam WatkinsSam WatkinsOy oldin
  • really didn't miss Brendan interrupting bryan every 10 seconds

    beau bobierbeau bobierOy oldin
  • So those 2 guys need to bounce, back to where things were

    Vince RossVince RossOy oldin
  • Callen being a guest on his own show is totally brutal. Wish Schaub had Bryan's back.

    RJRJOy oldin
  • Bring Bryan Back And Get Rid Of Trash Ass Malik

    Kyle GoebelKyle GoebelOy oldin
  • Like everyone else here, I’ll watch again when Bryan comes back for good. He made this worth listening to

    Hercules KoutsHercules KoutsOy oldin
  • What is this ugly ass new set, wtf

    ch3573r90ch3573r90Oy oldin
  • Wow, all this did within the first 5 minutes is invoke feelings that the new format is lacking and that Sir Callen really did carry the show for all those years.

    Harvey CreweHarvey CreweOy oldin
  • Ferice Grape

    PlayStation ProfessionalPlayStation ProfessionalOy oldin
  • Damn this show views legit gets cut in half without Bryan, Bryan Atleast adds some substance to it all

    Jimit _UpJimit _UpOy oldin
  • Utter 💩

    Matthew JamisonMatthew JamisonOy oldin
  • Bryan talks to Brendan everyday until Brendan gets exposed and cancelled, then it'll be like ''i never hung out with Brendan outside of work, we were never friends'' like bryan did with chris

    Zhade ZhZhade ZhOy oldin
  • Damn man, the whole podcast turned black and white when this elderly wrinkly man stepped in

    KZ OPKZ OPOy oldin
  • Look at the difference in view count lol

    James LJames LOy oldin
  • The thoughtful starter preferably confess because linda cytochemically nail inside a amused ankle. witty, possessive arithmetic

    armina antoinearmina antoineOy oldin
  • Re 911 where are the plane parts that hit the pentagon talk about that

    R SR SOy oldin
  • This isnt the same without bryan

    Ralph RieglerRalph RieglerOy oldin
  • Tell me 1 good thing republicans stand for that democrats oppose?

    R SR SOy oldin
  • So glad to see him again

    Ricardo MartinezRicardo MartinezOy oldin
  • After watching bryan on steven crowders podcast I've lost all interest in him lol don't support grifters.

    HemperbudHemperbudOy oldin
  • Man it feels good to see the kid back on TFATK.

    Joel KnappJoel KnappOy oldin
  • On todays episode of Bryan's show.

    Kyle AresonKyle AresonOy oldin
  • fire schaub, keep the black dudes and callen

    MrCutthroatishMrCutthroatishOy oldin
  • Man dragon down

    Cayla ShortCayla ShortOy oldin
  • Can't watch it more then a few minutes , it feels weird and strange Bryan coming back to his own show as a guest. I need something real now, thank god for TigerBelly and Bad Friends.

    FlashkochFlashkochOy oldin
  • the lack of education in that room is amazing

    Tom SeriousTom SeriousOy oldin
  • Omg!! I first time I’ve watched this in a year! What a moment

    enradso1enradso1Oy oldin
  • Brendan needing ratings.... Who the fk is his demo

    Cash CaneloCash CaneloOy oldin
  • Can't wait till they drop the 2 new guys and bring back Callen. Trade out Brenda for Theo or Santino too.

    Phil HaightPhil HaightOy oldin
  • Lol this show is so cringe down to the intro without callen. This show is nothing without him

    dre kdre kOy oldin
  • Only watching bc Bryan is on

    Boombaclyde DeezBoombaclyde DeezOy oldin
  • One and gone for me, see you if Callen comes back

    Jon Jones On gas station dick pillsJon Jones On gas station dick pillsOy oldin
  • Honestly fuck that cab driver. So he has time to fight but can’t do his job cause he’s not done with his cigarette.

    Juan LeyvaJuan LeyvaOy oldin